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He entered the room with a soft click and was surprised! He knew she wouldn’t be waiting for him as an eagerly awaiting bride, but this was surprising. She was wearing a baby pink simple cotton salwar suit with no trace of anything that was remotely bridal, except for the mehndi designs on her hands and legs.

No matter what the circumstances of their marriage, something had to be out straight before everything else. “I know it’s a difficult stage for you. Believe me, I am facing the same issues. But whatever the circumstances, we are now bonded in a relationship and we have to respect that at least. I just want an assurance from your side!” He stopped midway as she turned back to look at him when he asked this. She looked frightened. As if she thought about something more of a commitment of their marriage right now. “Don’t worry it’s nothing as such you are thinking.” He assured her and she hated him for this! Once again he guessed her feelings even before she spoke them aloud. Imagine staying with such a person for the rest of her life! God help her! “I just want you to promise me one thing. Whatever is going on between us, you’ll never reveal of it anything to your father and my mother. Let them believe it’s a normal marriage. Don’t even let them guess that we are still on the stage of accepting each other as life partners. They’ll get hurt!” Now she was surprised. She never knew he was considerate enough to think at this depth. She certainly agreed to him on this thing for sure. “Ok! I’ll never let them even get a hint we are other than happily married couples.” She said softly.

He put forward his open palms so that she can touch it as a promising sign. “Promise?” She hesitated for a second, looked towards him. The same eyes with strange depth and something more in them which she couldn’t guess. She slowly clasped his palms, he caught it tight! She tried to free it. Suddenly, she was feeling scared of him, felt strangely vulnerable in front of him. He took out a ring from his pocket and placed it in her tightly clasped hands, “Ammi gave me this! Incase if someone would as you about the wedding night gift.” He held her hand and looked straight in to her eyes.

“I just hope one day, you’ll get used to my hand on yours! I wish to live a life like a normal husband with you as my loving and caring wife. I hope the sooner you accept this relationship the better. After all, I very well know you used to have a crush on me since your teens and always dreamt of marrying me” he started the usual teasing again. “What rubbish! Are you insane? Who said you that?” She was irritated. “Your face says it all. Every time you see me, you blush! You never look in to my eyes for the fear that I’ll catch your infatuation towards me.” His voice was coarse now. The topic of getting her blushed said in such tones got her actually blushing. “I can look in to your eyes anywhere anytime I want without any fear. You got that!” She looked in to his eyes with great guts but the unusual feelings pouring out from them, the heated gaze got her sweating and nervous. But she still held his gaze for some minutes and didn’t know what captivated her for so long. There was something in them that was puzzling, like those fill in the blanks in school. Some words were to be filled which she just couldn’t understood .”Why? What happened? Fell in my magic spell already?” He said slowly and she suddenly came back to reality and gazed away. “Never! I would never fall in that spell ever! You don’t attract me even an ounce. So it’s better that you forget about it entirely.” She held her chin up and started making her bed on the sofa. No matter how calm she looked doing so, in reality she was really shook with those eye contact from him.

“Stop it Nazm! Don’t behave like a girl. It’s just nothing, you are stressed, nothing else.” She scolded herself and looked at him with a pride in her eyes as if saying, “look I am here all normal and unmoved by you!”

Hum chheeen lege tumse ye shan-e-beniyazi

Tum mangte firoge apna ye guroor humse!”

He just went saying those words and switched off the lights. While those words created a havoc of blunders inside her. She was too disturbed by their sudden relationship, their sudden closeness and so much more….

And the challenge in this poetry was real! She was scared thinking if by any chance it came true, if by any chance she fell for him for real. But, she has to be strong, she was Nazm Khan, and she wasn’t blinded by these kinds of attractions easily.

“Still thinking of me?” Came the voice from the bed when he saw her sitting in the same position for a long time! “Never!” Came the crisp reply.

“Let me know till when can you stop yourself from thinking about me!” The challenge was open already!

Abhi yeh na pucho ke manzil kaha hai

Abhi to safar ka irada kiya hai

Na harungi hausla mein zindagi bhar…

Kisi se nahi khud se wada kiya hai….!”

This time even her reply was strong just like her thoughts! All ready to fight this strong attraction from her husband.

Let’s see who wins in this game of life… the husband with so much to speak, but all through his eyes! The wife with so much to face, including those tempting messages from her husband’s eyes…. or love!

Next part is here!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting read. Waiting for the next post.

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    1. Thanks, it out on the blog


  2. I love this. The vulnerability, the teasing, the attraction all in one post.
    Loved the first post, the drama, the big decisions and every other thing.
    I’m waiting for the third post with a lot of eagerness!

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    1. Thanks so much for the love


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