Poonawalla Finance — life saviours of chartered Accountant’s!

The present pandemic and other harsh factors had a drastic impact on everything! Especially on our finances. Each one of us received a huge blow on our economic condition and therefore sailing through this pool seems almost impossible for most of us! Not just the working class, but even the entrepreneurs and chartered accountants have to stretch hard and use up their savings to meet the daily needs of the present lifestyle. The situation is serious and depressing! But what if we said, you can finally have the silver lining out of this dark cloud?

The special loan scheme for chartered accountants!

Yes, there is a great news for all the chartered accountants who are striving hard to sustain their businesses! Poonawalla Finance Private Limited, a non banking financial company has better plans for all the business and service persons who are determined to win even in this sinking economical conditions. They have rolled out a special term loan scheme specifically designed for chartered accountants across the country.

Special factors that marks the success of this loan scheme!

  • They got around 4000 applications for loans in a very short period of time after announcing their scheme of loan.
  • They have sanctioned loans to over 1500 chartered accountants on the first month of their scheme launch.
  • The amount was around a whooping 150 crores just within the first month of scheme activation.
  • They even plan to offer personal and professional loans at convenient interest rate and zero repayment charges.
  • This scheme is to benefit around 3 lakhs chartered accountants around the nation.
  • The chartered accountants can take over their existing loans with higher interest rates when ever they can.
  • 100% online digital payment strategy that will guarantee them the complete ease of the payment.

Thoughts of prominent persons of Poonawalla Finance on this newly launched loan scheme!

Mr. Adar Poonawalla, the chairman of the Poonawalla Finance delightfully mentioned the amazing benefits and privileges that this loan scheme will bring for the chartered accountants and other entrepreneurs. He announced about the ultimate financial freedom this credit will bring for them during this tricky situation and help them strengthen their roots to evolve better in the course of time.

Even Mr Abhay Bhutada, the MD and CEO of Poonawalla Finance agreed to the fact that this loan will help them meet their needs better during the fix of financial crises happening presently all over the country. He was also optimistic that this credit will strengthen our nation better granting us an enterprise- driven growth.

About Poonawalla Finance Private Limited!

Mr. Adar Poonawalla- chairman of Poonawalla Finance

The Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is basically a non-deposit taking non-banking financial company that is an integral part of the Cyrus Poonawalla Group which prides in having a net worth of USD 11.4 billion. Having it’s headquarters in Pune, it commenced on April 2019 and rapidly crossed INR 1,500 Crores in AUM proving to be one the best NBFC of the country.

Mr. Abhay Bhutada, MD, CEO – Poonawalla Finance

It aims at being a more customer centric organisation offering various funding options in attractive interest rates. They provide the customers a dynamic approach towards the financial requirements through personal and professional funding options which will prove beneficial to everyone and more so to the country as a whole!

Final words!

The newly launched loan scheme from the Poonawalla Finance seems a practical solution to the requirements of the struggling chartered accountants and entrepreneurs. With the ease of finances and the credit limit, they’ll surely gain more in the future and evolve as leaders in their genre!

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