HiPi – Trending short video platform for fun and creative entertainment lovers!

We know you are struggling to beat the disappointmentfeeling after the ban on some of the well known Chinese apps!It’s evident how we Indians were addicted to these apps and spent most of our time on these apps. But after the strict ban on these by our government, you can well imagine the current situation across the country! We were constantly searching for another such entertaining and enticing medium to keep us glued and portray our talent beautifully. That’s when ZEE5 was thoughtful enough to launch an amazing new feature called HiPi. It’s a fantastic feature that was launched all across India on ZEE5 and has gained favouritism in a very short period of time. 

Picture credit -ZEE5

 What makes the HiPi feature so awesome?


HiPi on ZEE5
Picture credit – ZEE5


The first ever Indian app for short videos isn’t an alien concept for the new users. But, there are certain additional qualities of it that make it super easy to adopt and try your hands on! To know about it in detail, keep reading!


o No separate subscription charges for HiPi  the most tempting thing about HiPi is that it doesn’t require you to pay additional charges to access the same. With your present ZEE5 subscription, you can enjoy its benefits wonderfully. Just upgrade your ZEE5 app and you will get an access to this amazing feature.



My daughter using the rainbow filter

o It allows 90 minutes of video recording with music, dialogues, lip syncing, etc — Now just get ready, place your camera on the right angle and just start shooting some impressive content instantly. If you are a pro in dance, so be it! If you love dialogues and do quality lip syncing, then you are on the right path. You can even try shooting some fun videos with buddies and more with some astonishing options available on HiPi on ZEE5.


o The joy of using astounding features — You might be thinking that it’s just a plain video making platform after all, what’s do special about it? Well, then you have got a surprise here. It’s not just a plain music video you are creating, but you can enhance its quality by being as creative as you like! You can simply for a sparkling feature that adds glittery effect to your video or just opt for fire filter to make it look hot! If you want to be more awesome, go for time lapse of just imitate a joker with the funny face feature. What’s more? If you are feeling the retro vibes, you can try the black and feature as well and create some fantastic content for your 80’s movie fans.


Picture credit – ZEE5


o The celebrities pouring in to try the feature — If you thought you are alone in getting impressed with the amazing features of HiPi, then we have a news for you. Even the celebrities are going ga ga over this latest fantastic launch by ZEE5! You’ll find lots TV stars already creating magic with their videos and spreading love through it. And even you have the chance to get famous through your awesome content and captivating videos.


Picture credit – ZEE5


 Upgrade your HiPitionery


Now that you are so keen on joining the recent trend of HiPifun, you may as well upgrade your HiPitionery to help you access it better. Beware of the below listed terms and make fullest use of them when creating your content.


o HiPi — Ok, so here Hipi is you – the one who’s going crazy and creative at the same time to make some fabulous videos.


o HiPiT  all the videos that you see of others or yours on HiPi are called HiPiT. (P.S. – these are truly addictive believe us!) 


o HiPiZ  all the fun loving and creative people using HiPi and enjoying the videos are called HiPiZ. (We hope you are going to be one of them soon too!) 


o HiPiLove  the love that viewers and scrollers show on your videos is HiPiLove! (Let’s hope you get lots of HipiLove soon.)


o HipiDom  the bunch of fans loving your content, following it religiously and in love with your content are your HiPiDom. (Tip – create lots of fascinating content and videos to increase your HiPiDom rapidly.) 


So, aren’t you impressed already with this new, made in India entertainment package known as HiPi? Of course, you are head over heels in love with it already. So, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking and go and download now!

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