Book review — How to raise a curious learner by Vidya Panicker!

They say, each book is a new enlightenment to knowledge! And that’s why I make it a point to up introduce you to new books at regular intervals. So, today I am here with another book review that will surely help you a lot. It’s a must read for all the parents and is rightly named as “How to raise a curious learner!”

About the book

The book — “How to raise a curious learner” is all about the right upbringing of your child. It covers every stage of your child from the early childhood (the preschool learning process) to making the kid an independent person. You’ll also get to view some of the best activities to keep the child engrossed in knowledgeable activities and enhance the skills in a better way. It’s available in the e-book form presently and is curated well in a systematic manner bringing all the topics back to back in a perfectly easy manner.

About the author

The author of this book – Vidhya Panicker is a millennial mom who loves to educate in a creative manner. She even has an active creative learning space for children in Bangalore and is also the founder of a famous community – “Bangalore Moms Tribe”. She is also awarded as the best Mommy Blogger in Bangalore by Baby Chakra and has an active website providing excellent knowledge on parenting and kids upbringing.

My review on the book

I personally found the book, “How to raise a curious learner” pretty interesting and insightful. It has a detailed and infographic view of each an every phase of development of a child. It also helps you in planning all the necessary activities to keep your kids engrossed and learn better. From painting tips for the kids to the perfect rainy day activities to keep the kids busy at home, from Earth themed activities to activities for different motor and cognitive development of your child – you’ll find a complete information of everything in this book. Basically, it’s a quick and to the point book to become a better parent and raise an explorer or a curious kid who’ll definitely grow up to become a great individual.

I’m totally impressed with the systematic way the book is compiled and how each every phase of raising a healthy and curious kid is included in the book. The info graphics are especially very interesting and to the point as well and there’s no glitches in the editing of the book as well. I’ll personally give a 5 star to this perfect parenting guide by Vidya Panicker.

If you are impressed with this review and this this book is a must read, then download it by clicking the link here.

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  1. Suchita says:

    I have been learning so much about providing the right stimulation to the child to help in their growth. This ebook sounds like the perfect guide to young parents.


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