5 in budget ways to make your home appear more attractive!

Nowadays finding a home for yourself in itself is a dream come true moment. But to convert that very house into a dream place takes a lot of bucks and effort. But what if you don’t have the money to spend so much on the lavish decor and still want your house to do like a perfect dream fairytale house? Well, for this we have some exclusive tips that don’t demand a lot of money. But the results are overwhelming. Read about the home decor tips that fit in your budget below:

  • The LED lights –There are these exclusively cheap LED lights that you get on various street stalls and shops in different colours which if you place anywhere in your house, it enhances the entire look. And the best part of this light is that you don’t require an electrician to install them. These are pretty easy to use an instant to install. Spread them across your phot frames or windows or even bed-head to glam up the look of your house.
  • New out of old cushion covers –Do you have some old tops or the bed sheets or any clothes that looks averagely better but it is of no use to you? Well, in this case don’t throw them away. Join them together to make your new cushion covers. In these funky, vibrant and different patterns your house will it up even more.
  • Picture gallery –Just how many times do you open your phone’s gallery and view your family pictures together? Well, we know it is an enticing thought but you hardly get the time to do so. So, in this case, why not create an attractive galleryin your hallway? You can put up all those pictures from your gallery in frames and hang on  there. View them to reminisce the old moments and also add an X Factor to your living room.
  • Diy plant holders –If you come across the various creative  Instagram reels and YouTube videos,  will find lots of DIY ways to create enticing plant holders for your hands. Use the old bottles, pots or even vessels and paint them in bright colours and hang them in any part of your room. You will add the green effect in the place and these vibrant pieces will look attractive as well.
  • Add magic with wall stickers –We  all used to love the stickers since childhood. Those beautiful pictures used to give a new look to our books and projects. Now,there are similar stickers to enhance their view of your house. Get the stickers of your choice and in your preferred theme, and stick them on your walls. The best part of using them is that they don’t destroy the paint of your walls in anyway.

We hope you liked these super cool, in budget home decor ideas to make your house appear beautiful and cosy! Follow us on Instagram and keep reading our blogs to get more such awesome lifestyle tips!

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