Blogging- Your creative friend! #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

For the love of blogging!

Blogging! A creative outcome of your creative, unique thoughts that’s so precious to you, that no one else can understand your secret connection to it! Just like the love of books! You can never explain a non book lover what you get with reading those lakhs of tiny words, those hundreds of black and white filled pages give you, that you don’t put it away until you finish it off!

The love of blogging is unexplainable yet relatable to those who blog out of passion!

Blogging, a bread winner!

Yes! Blogging can be a great medium to earn your bread and butter too, but that’s the icing on the cake feature you get with good blogging. Thats when you choose as your profession what you love the most!

Know when to pause!

The one thing that you should always keep in mind when you start with professional blogging is, never make blogging get on your neck! If you think it’s getting you exhausted, the continuos, demanding work is impacting your creativity, you better just pause! Take a deep breath, a small break of some days and give your writing skills some time to rejuvenate! Because this is when you loose your quality of writing and you start getting debilitated of your work.

Remember? It was your love, your hobby, your creativity first, then it turned out to be your job!

Blogging needs promotions!

On the other hand, if you are blogging, the promotion that goes around with it for good traffic requires the same amount of effort that blogging does! But, believe me! These efforts are worthed! Your pictures uploaded on Instagram, your tweets with your link to follow, your posts on Facebook page and your pins on that blogging boards being the whole glam world to your feet. It gives you the love your blog deserves. The message that you want the world to read, gets communicated through your social media channels. This promotional part of your blogs is the most functioning part of your blog!

Each new blog is a teacher!

Along with it, with the race of the DAs, the competition to come on top of the charts on the SEO engines is yet another challenge you should win when you blog! This lets you discover what’s in trend lately and what can attract more readers to your blog. Also, with each new blog, you tend to learn something new. Each new collaboration by the means of blogging teaches you something that didn’t know before. This is the most biggest assets of blogging.

Impact of blogging on society!

Your power gets mightier as you blog your thoughts over! You can make a great impact with your words, can let people explore new diversities with your posts, can make people rethink about their actions and reactions with your numnerous creative paragraphs!

Blog on!

Come let’s blog around more with an intensity that can make millions think about society, help thousands desire to explore what you already did, leave hundreds questioning themselves what could have been better than this and some innumerable souls just learning from what you are writing! You are the power! With your blogging, will come the change that the world needs and deserve. With your passion to create magic with world, ultimately someday you’ll conquer the universe.

So, never give up what you’re doing, keep blogging!!

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A far cry from future!

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22nd March 2050,

The scorching heat, the blazing sun and heated winds! The usual summer afternoon in the middle of a busy street with a huge jam of vehicles that were continuesly honking around.

The cars and bikes have been stuck in the signals for about an hour now. The driver of a cab took out his 2.5 litres of water bottle and took a small gulp and put the bottle back in it’s place. The passenger sitting in the back seat was looking at him greedily. He cursed himself for finishing off his share of 2.5 litre of bottle so fast. He asked the driver, “can I get a small gulp of water too?” The driver looked at him hesitantly and said,”100 rs. for a single gulp.” The passenger agreed,”ok!” He took a small gulp from his bottle and returned the water back.

While the bunch of crows were flying around the now drying lake to get their share of water. The strays on the road weren’t now tempted by the bones the young boy was serving them. They were busy staring at the water bottle in the young boy’s hand. The boy followed their gaze and hide his bottle behind. The strays went away slowly with sad eyes. The bones remained on the floor as it is!

The society had a huge line gathered at their main entrance. The people were all carrying their regular buckets and bottles to get their share of water. They were standing in this line for water since ages now. Lately, state hata reduced the common man’s water share by more 5%.

While the news channel on Mr. Sharma’s house buzzed with the breaking news, “The state of Gujrat is getting more affected by the prevailing draught. 9 more people died today because of unavailability of water. The vegetable rates will be increasing more by the end of next week as there has been a decrease in the crops production due to less rainfall. Experts are predicting, even this year we may get less water.”

Hearing this, Mr. Sharma drained his half glass of water rapidly. “No rains again, shortage of water and increasing rates of vegetables! God knows why this is happening and when will it all stop?”

He switched the T.V channel. Another channel was doing a special report on Water saving! “Today on International Water day, we have got a report on how humans, decades back used water in an irresponsible way and this led to the water reduction issue today! Years back, humans used to waste a lot of water using shower to take bath and staying under it unnecessarily for hours. They even used to keep the water running from taps when using it for domestic purpose. This is not enough, some humans were so careless, they used to serve and take a full glass of water and drink only half of it and used to throw the remaining half of it!”

Mr. Sharma was shocked hearing all this. The report continued more, “This is not enough, with growing pollution and even with the continuos warnings of global warming, they kept using the natural resources carelessly. Only if these humans would have been cautious in using the natural resource like water wisely, we would have got more water to consume. If only they would have used half a glass of water for drinking and would have replaced with more half if they needed, this would have stopped the wastage of some more water. Then, we would have been able to drink this resource heartily. These humans snatched our right to natural resources for their benefits. They used our part of water and left their future generations without enough water to let them live healthily.

Now, we wouldn’t do the same mistake our ancestors did! We are going to reserve surplus water, use natural resource more wisely and recycle the little water we have to secure the future of our generations. This international world water day, let’s pledge we will use this extinct resourse of water more wisely.”

Mr. Sharma was suddenly quite depressed after hearing this all. “If only our forefathers would have taken this pledge some twenty five years ago, we would have got pure, enough water to quench our thirst. Not the recycled ones!!


The time has not passed yet. We still have so many years to spare! Let’s sign the petition, check the video and support this amazing Initiative by Livpure, #CuttingPani! The best way to do our bit for our future generations.

Spend your vacations the best way with kids at home!

Vacations are finally here, so are the increasing demands of summer camps! But, the time spent in pick and drop of the kids, the high budgets going in for the fees and the issue of the places being far away from your place makes it difficult for some parents to get their kids admitted to summer camps. Here are some of the ways through which you can get your kids engaged in the multiple activities which are creative, can be fruitful in their syllabus and also is quite pocket friendly too.

Organising a vacation

To organise a proper summer camp type of activities for your kids at home, make sure you prepare and follow a proper schedule. Keep them engaged through that schedule for weekdays and let weekends be free for outings and mixing up with relatives.

First of all, devide the two months vacation in to eight parts. Now, check below how you can schedule each week for a different activity for your kids. But remember, don’t extend the limit of the activity for more than five days as children get work out by following a same schedule for a longer time.

Colour the hues!

The best and most attractive things for children of any age is colours! They all love to paint the world around them in the most colourful way they can. Even if your kids are not so good in drawings, let them be a part of this activity to bring out the child in them, let colours decorate their lives even through the drawings and paintings be a little untidy. Buy some plane sketch books for them, some books with images drawn so that kids can colour those images when they are not in the mood to draw, a pencil and eraser set, paint colours and crayons. Give them a theme to draw and paint of three topics maximum for each day. If you have neighbours and cousins of kids around, let them join in. Obviously, we all know that the more the people join in, the merrier is the experience. Each day, when they finish the drawings, give them some marks of their work, let there be scope of much improvement and shower your advices and comments on the same.

Calligraphy talent

After the painting and colours to fill in their minds in the first week, keep the second week a little more subtle. Get them an ink pen, a good calligraphy book and let them try out a new talent in writing. Let them compete a certain pattern in a single day. This will not only improve their writing skills, but also teach them how to beautify their regular notes.

Mimicking sculptures with clay

With the varied choices of clay dough available in the markets, it’s become easier for kids to spend their times in moulding figures or anything of their choice. Daily give them a theme to create with their moulded clays and later when they finish provide them with certain ideas that could have made the work more awesome. This would make them try to be a more creative the next day when they try a new theme. The themes could be anything like making a kitchen with clay, a hospital scene, gathering all the toys from home and giving them a new look with their colourful clay.

Novels and stories

Although I know today’s kids aren’t interested in reading any more, make sure you get them involved in this activity. This is the best way to inculcate the habit of reading in our kids who are so addicted to ipads and mobiles nowadays. Let those books and comics be their friend for five days. You can either give them a thick, fat book like harry potter to complete in those five days or provide them with a new thin, fairy take story book or a comic each day. This would help them get a better reading experience too. But, don’t forget to listen to their summary of the story after their session is over.

Cooking without fire

Getting kids independent is an important of all parents. You can start with the training with your summer classes at home with your kids. Let them prepare the snacks for you and them for these give days and let them get their own ideas and ingredients for the same. Font help them in this case, rather let them father some help and knowledge from their peer group or you tube. They can even invite their friends for a snack session at home if they think they can prepare a decent, yummy snacks with their ingredients. If you have induction or micro wave at your place, this adds to the spice of the activity. Some examples of these items are fruit salad, biscuits toppings, no bake cheese cakes, etc. (If you want them to shop for the snacks from market on their own, give them a budget and money in which they can bring the ingredients too. This will help them manage their spendings in future too.)

Interior decorater for some days

Give them a room, or a corner of the house as a place to show their creative side. Let them arrange their wardrobes in their own way, let them make charts and posters on their own,. Some decorative DIYs at home like pencil holder, lanterns, etc. to give their room a twist of their own creativity. Let them make some huge pics of their favorite cartoons, tell them to stop k on their own room’s walls, on their cupboard doors, bathroom doors, etc. This will give them a fun time viewing their own creative side and tallying what’s more needed in their room.

Group play time

For these give days, let them intermingle with their friends, siblings, cousins or with you and do some group activities. Thus, the purpose of group interaction remains active too. Invite some of their friends at your place and you can also arrange for some gifts for the winners. Some examples for such games are, ENO, LUDDO, musical chair, etc.

Outdoor sports

This is one of the most important activities for everyone, be it kids or adults. We should include a little bit of sports in children’s daily routine with out fail. And fixing some days especially for sports activities is essential too. Fix a game, race and other outdoor activities per day and allot some prize for some great performance done by your kid. Make sure even you are a participant of the activity, this could open the doors of fitness for you too.

And the rest remains the weekends now, as I said above, schedule the same for some fun place to visit on Sundaysand Saturdays can be a visit to relatives. This, would help the kids to freak out and enjoy their vacations staying close to you at home and spend some quality time vacationing. After all, the more the children stay at home close to you, the mother essence of love gets added to your life!

The other side of food reviews!

With great position comes great responsibility! We all have heard the quote and who wouldn’t agree to it? Myself as a food blogger since three years, I have been lot in to this reviewing position lately. Reviewing food from street foods to fine dines, it’s all a matter of great concern. While everyone else think it’s all an excuse to have loads of food, I always consider it as my top most responsibility as my regular job and a great passion as a hard core foodie. Today, let me open up the other side of the food reviews, the other side of the coin that’s still veiled from majority.

As a home maker, I have been cooking varieties of food for around thirteen years now. In these past thirteen years, I have got all sorts of people, Indian and foreigners visiting my place and tasting what ever I have made. There are always those numerous comments and prasises about my prepared food that encouraged me so much and made the tiring process of cooking so much enjoyable. There have also been some comments those were not appropriate or I may say, heart breaking and left me wondering, what have I been doing around all these years?

Over the years, my passion for food exploring brought me amidst the blogging and reviewing world! Where in I stepped in to the process of appreciating the good food around me and reviewing and stating the same on my blog, Zomato, trip advisor and other such platforms. But, while I sank deep in to the sea of food blogging, I got to know about the different fishes that survive under the same water. Some with an incredible knowledge of the tiniest ingredients in the versatility prepared food, while some with little or no experience of swimming in this sea. There were also some even stating the food they tasted as bad and pathetic! This made me so sad, since childhood I was taught never to say anything bad about the food you get. What you may get as a morsel, is just in someone’s dreams. No food is bad,if you don’t like it, just avoid it, why bother telling everyone around about it!

But reading such lines which describe food as disaster and rubbish makes it just so unethical and rude! It’s true that when you are a reviewer, you have to state the facts correct to the people reading your reviews. It’s your responsibility. But everything can be dealt by two ways. We can either be ride in our reviews stating that particular food item was wrath tasting, or we can say, I wouldn’t recommend it much, but you can try the same if you want to. This conveys your message without breaking the heart of the chef involved.

Why do we just ignore the fact that the person preparing the food is but a human. He/she is destined to make mistakes just as we are. Why do we forget that these are the people who turn those raw vegetables in to beautifully cut dishes. These are the ones who mix all those different Coloring spices and turn them in to a similar coloured gravy! The ones who take all their efforts to stand on those heated rooms for hours just to make a captivating, deliceous tasting dishes. This job does take the pain just like any other does. From the small-time cooks on the road side stalls to the high class celebrity chefs at the great restaurants, each of them put in a similar kind of effort to prepare something. Can we just for a second, slip on their shoes and think, if we are resting a recent review on our food and someone stated the food prepared was pathetic, how would we feel? Will we be excited as before to serve the next customer awaiting us? Will be still be feeling that we did great by choosing this job as our profession?I know, each of us all will feel the same way at that time, totally negative!

The reason for putting all these thoughts out here is just to let that even minor chef inside us spring to life and understand, when someone would point out at our efforts rudely, how would have we felt?

We can point out the missing details of the food rather in a different way as our suggestions. They are always asking for the same. But negative and harsh comments, no one asks that, neither likes them.

So, the next time we go and visit someone’s place who is preparing a dish for us, or visiting a new restaurant for that matter or just having a food cooked lovingly by our moms, take some time to appreciate their efforts, let them know you care and you can even give your suggestions to them politely. And as for the latest craze in trends in review goes, carry on your duty as you do the usual way, and do give the desired subtle approach to whatever negativities faced. After all, a human always has that talent of exposing a matter from both the sides. Let’s from now on, explain our negative views even in a positive manner where this matter is concerned. Let’s make cooking food an easier job through our easy to go attitude and approach of the same. Remember, it’s not easy to cook thrice a day for 365 days and each day something that hasn’t been cooked yesterday!

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely my ideas and views on the matter above. This post isn’t aimed to anyone in particular as a blogger/reviewer or a company.

Why waste when someone can’t even taste! #SuperBloggerchallenge2018

A silent message to humanity!

It was the fourth round of the seven course lavish meal, huge chunks of chicken, fish, prawns and duck meat piled up in each plate. The guests holding the plates seem to be more interested in their conversations rather than the food varieties on their plates. The gravies half spilled on the floor, some on their plates and more on the serving bowls were more or less untouched. There lay piled up in different rice plates almost four types of biryanies, fried rice and noodles. But guests just went on with the routine of taking it on their plates and tasting just one or two spoons and left the rest in the plates that was taken to the dustbins from there onwards.

On the other hand Priya was busy staring other kids having their lunch during the recess break at school. Even she was feeling the churning in her tummy, but since it was 28th of the month, maa told,”eat this khichdi tummy full before you go to school, for four days from now, I won’t be able to give you anything for your lunch box. Even bhaiya and didi manage without their tiffins. You can also try. Come home, then I’ll heat the khichdi again for you, you can have that, ok dear?” This was the story of each month. Either by 28, or 29 each month, the chapati she would else take in her lunch box couldn’t be made because babuji was a clerk and his nominal salary hardly stretched so far. After the bell rang, the children rushed back to the class after having their lunch in the ground. She started running towards the ground and picked up the scattered biscuit packets, some of them had half or quarter biscuits in them, she ate them all greedily hiding from all the people around in the corner of the ground. With teary eyes she thought, when will the day come when even she can bring biscuits to school? For sure, she would share it with her friend who couldn’t bring that so that no other chutki has to rumble up the garbage for it.

Once again today, mamta and his husband mahesh went to bed with an empty tummy. Mamta being a house maid and mahesh being a cobbler could only afford plain cooked rice to be eaten with water. Their preparations was enough to feed their two kids everyday and them thrice a week. Still, they were happy that atleast their kids don’t have to sleep hungry today.

Meanwhile, far in the line of slums, gauri was trying hard to feed her baby, she was breastfeeding him. The baby was crying too much, he couldn’t get any feed from her mother. Tears of helplessness flew from gauri’s eyes. She was trying so hard to feed her baby, her only child, just a few months old. But, how can she do so when she herself haven’t eaten just more than a plain bread since three days. God, if she only she can do anything just anything to make some feed available for her baby. Even after an hour of trying desperately hard, his baby was crying more loudly now. He has been trying to get feed since morning and finally, the wailing stopped. But the child wouldn’t move. She screamed,” tai, maasi, please come fast! Just see munna isn’t moving, he is not crying anymore tai.” And soon there was a rush of people holding the screaming gauri away from her dead baby. The baby that died after crying for hours for few drops of milk but couldn’t get it because his mother haven’t had food for days.

Today, when we eat those extra spoons of delicacies inspite of being too full, don’t we remember there are millions of children not getting their basic share of 3 meals a day! When we waste plates full of meals in a wedding, don’t we know there are girls who can’t get married because their parents can’t afford to afford wedding meal for the baraties in the wedding! When we throw away the plastic bags that contains the remains of our daily meals, don’t we remember those kids who tear these bags at late night and greedily have whatever it contains! When we go to a restaurant and leave the unfinished meal for the waiters to throw away in dustbins, dont we remember those mothers who wait outside those restaurants just to get those food from them in the form of charity!

As a food blogger, I request you all to take in the silent message in this blog and do consider for these people the next time you have a heart filled meal. For us, meals are what satisfies our heart, not something that satisfies our hunger! We often eat out of temptation rather due to hunger. For us, the feeling of hunger ain’t pain, rather it’s a daily routine. For some, hunger is a pain, the cure of which they hardly get. From now onwards, let’s have food as a need rather than luxury. Let’s indulge in eating process without going through the sin of wasting it. Let’s not waste food anymore, let the meal of others reach them through our little efforts. Each efforts counts, let’s put in our little efforts to bring out this desirable change in society.

Save a life today, donate food or don’t waste it because your feed is someone else’s need today!

NOTE* The article is written as part of the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 by #Instacuppa conducted by, and and should not be re purposed, republished or use otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any infringement caused.

Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

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21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving more on this field. The generation that follows trend religiously well even when it’s for a short period of time and still changing with the times and trends accordingly.

In this century, where nothing last longer than just a few months, the trend or habit of sheesha have proclaimed it’s position for longer than expected and the craze for the same being increasing day by day. The non cigarette addiction that has proudly replaced cigarettes in the society, seems to have broken all the barriers and is minding each of our lives.

When on one hand we are spreading the message of quitting smoking on all social media platforms because it contains tobacco and prove dangerous for your lungs, we proudly flaunt our 3 to 4 feet high sheesha and blow away the warnings in the smoke of it being dangerous too.

Haven’t we all read the warnings printed on all the Flavour boxes that says it contains tobacco and can cause cancer? Still, no one seems to take it as dangerous! Why? Because sheesha is now each ones need on a daily basis lifestyle. The addiction that follows it is another major hazard that we tend to avoid. We all know whatever causes an addiction in human body is dangerous and needs to be avoided. But still, the addiction of sheesha seems to be a class statement and something to be proud of.

What’s more, while cigarettes and alcohol are allowed only after a certain age in our society, sheesha is easily accessible to all age groups. From school kids to women, seniors citizens or house wives, everyone flaunts their sheesha selfie proudly on social media sites with loads of smoke being giving out in public. Isn’t this smoke as hazardous as the smoke of those cigarettes being smoked. It becomes more serious when we know that each wedding or social function includes sheesh too as part of the food being arranged for the guest. Hence, indirectly giving a hand in increasing this addiction. Even restaurants and food places are being granted it’s license by the state. And nothing could be compared to this that each home today has a sheesha at home, thus making it more easily accessible to minors too.

What we need to think is, though we are not smoking cigarette directly, s are replacing the same with sheesha, aren’t we being prone to a more dangerous situation than we already were in? We can easily satisfy our inner self that we didn’t intake tobacco, but aren’t the tons of flavour’s that we blend in to smoke are more hazardous than the tobacco.

Today, when the whole generation is crazily following the dangerous trend of sheesha and not even considering it as dangerous, isn’t it our duty to let them stop from consuming this slow poison? Can’t we just make them aware that whatever they are consuming can also cause cancer, lung diseases and much much more. The huge antic pieces of sheesha that they so very proudly flaunt on their divans are actually going to harm or even kill their kids, women and themselves too. Isn’t it our duty to let them understand that underage kids smoking sheesha isn’t nothing to be proud of, rather, it’s a cause of worry.

I need all your support, all the readers that I have today, it’s our duty as humans to save our fellow beings from being killed with this dangerous habit of sheesha. Let’s all together spread this post and make people understand that the trend grasping the generation like fire can burn us in to ashes and we are openly, with wide arms, welcoming it.

Do reblog or link it with your social media accounts or blogs if you think this matter needs immediate attention. Let all our friends and relatives read this and know where they are heading to. Lets give them a food for thought and pray our world gets rid of this tabboo soon!

Being a better parent!!

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The journey of parenthood!

Being a parent is a diligent job! You tend to work sedulously throughout the days and give up all your comfort of your dear nights just to make sure your little ones are happy and content. Each parent, in their own unique way, do the best they can for their kids and go through all the painstaking jobs for them.


Being a mother is especially a conscientious work. You, being the first ever retreating one for your kid, have to make sure you provide the with with the best example and aspiration to look upon and be there in their every on and offs moments.


Every day while being a parent brings about oodles of happy and loads of exhausting moments. You just reminisce and count each one of them. But some precious moments spent with your bundles of joy have their undying effect on us. They tend to help you get the idea of parenting figure in a better way. Those times do leave an impact on your mind and heart you just remember that moment even after a span of decades.
It was just a day like any other one and an incident equally common. But that saved me a memory for a lifetime and a lesson I learnt and hence want to forward it to all. While we always teach our kids to avoid lies and make sure we are connected to honesty in the most honest ways, we sometimes unintentionally teach them the opposite.
My morals passed out to them were never different and therefore, when once I got an unwanted call and wanted to avoid it, I told my son to say I wasn’t at home. He thought for a second and did the needful. Later, he demanded to hear Pinocchio’s life story wherein he gets long nose because of saying innumerable lies. Then he asked me whether his nose because long too as he just said a lie because of me. And wanted to know why would I like home to be the cursed one with a long nose?


The realisation hit me badly. And I was shocked and embarrassed by myself for the value I just inculcated in my baby’s mind. Because of his innocence, he spoke out and let me knew where I went wrong. But for all and other times things aren’t same.
From that day onward, I made sure I never repeated such mistake. This day and situation made my journey an and a parent a lot better and precautions. Parenting is never an easy job, but the feeling of shaping better humans through your efforts makes it equally worthwhile.

I am Saba irfan ladha, an Indian food, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. I am also an active instagrammer and a connoisseur on Zomato. I love to explore everything around me and replay the same in the most creative manner in my blogs. Do follow me for more details on:

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Four vital ways of understanding and dealing with neglected kids .

Knowing our kids better!

Kids are the most innocent and transparent beings on earth! They are alien with the knowledge of duplicating their emotions for everyone or at any specific time. But still, these kids, especially those within the age group of 5 to 15 years can control or hide more than 90% of their feelings from their parents or teachers.


Sensitive kids!!

These kids are mostly those who are suffering from a certain type of emotional or physical stress or have a peer pressure that’s too dominating. We as parents, often get confused or are at a total loss when it comes to guessing out these signs and more often end up with kids those are too lonely or too adamant during their teens.


Here are certain signs which may help each of the parent to know when their little children get grown up so much emotionally that they begin to manipulate their emotions and behaviour and which is not at all normal at such a tender age and may lead to mandate counselling sessions in future.

Signs to get aware!

Most of the children start feeling insecure when they’re expecting a sibling in their house or immediately after the entry of a new sibling in their life. This reason is the most prominent one in any such kid’s life. Now, you may be thinking how can you guess if the behavioural pattern of the kid has changed? So, let me tell you it’s not quite that easy because these kids, especially after the birth of the new child, tend to get quite reserved nature and acquire solace in loneliness.They may be exact normal while talking or behaving but, would usually stare from one parent to another when the new kids make some new gesture which is a reason of pleasure for his parents. They usually do more than excellent in studies stop sharing their daily tales with parents and even hiding some major incidents of their life sometimes. The one major symptom of this neglecting us bedwetting. This entirely normal kid will start bedwetting at nights at a consistent base mostly because he feels neglected or avoided.


Tackle is wisely!

Such type of kids needs grooming up. Let them know and understand slowly from the pronate period itself that there’s someone coming in his life who would be just like him and will share his parents and most importantly love him like no one else does. Let him be a leader and tell him that your younger sibling would be dependent on you.Let him take part in the preparations of the baby and prepare a nice hub for his baby friend coming. After the birth, there is 70% chance that the kid would be prepared for the smaller version, but still would be in a chaos if the attention is divided.


Be their company!

So, make sure you spent more than quarter of your time and energy on the elder one and less than a quarter on the younger one.Because the younger is too small to take notice of it and the elder needs it desperately.

Warning bells!

The second type is the one where kids are prone to notice a lot of aggressive fights and quarrels at home and get scared or silent because of it. The majority of such cases the children adapt either one of the parent’s behaviour. He becomes very aggressive or simply dumb. The major symptoms show when these kids face a major decline in their appetite and spent lesser time at home or interact very less with the family members. Such kids enjoy others children’s company and their house patterns and often start comparing and complaining about it. Their academics may fall rapidly and they tend to make friends with books or pads as nowadays or even get more than close to their pets. There are 90% chances that as adults such kid’s face an extreme hatred about their families.


Deal with patience!

Dealing with such kids can be done by simply quitting the quarrels or diverting them when their not in front and create a pleasant environment at home. If you are a single parent or moving out of marriage simply talk to them. They are kids but can surely notice and understand the situations better than us if we try to explain them calmly. Try being soft on them when they imitate those aggressive behavioural patterns and it’s better if such kids are made busy in some vigorous physical activities.

The insecure ones!

Third ones are those kids who have been suffering some kind of physical or emotional exploitation within or out of the house. These types are very sensitive ones. They are sometimes so submerged in insecurity feelings that they tend to behave like a totally different person of what they actually are. They tend to either become too quiet or dull or too confident and start bullying everyone else than who is exploiting them. Their academics may either decrease rapidly or increase too rapidly. Depends on what behavioural patterns they have opted for. These kids often would stop abruptly while chatting with you and then behave as if nothing happened. They are mostly seen talking to mirror or their images or unhuman things a lot and mostly retreat to painting as a medium to express their feelings in such a way that no one understands


but they have let out themselves.

Trickiest to understand!

These kids are trickiest to understand & as the results of the exploitation are totally& opposite. But, as parents, I am sure you will understand what category they may be in. Let them take it out. Speak a lot with them. Be a friend to them. Ask them to take part in family matters and try to boost their confidence in a pleasant way. After these, there are 80% chances that the kid will speak out his heart and you will find a way out of it.


The bullied kids!

And the fourth ones are those kids with a peer pressure that is so dominating either physically or emotionally that they leave your kid into remaking their personality in a totally new way that’s either matching their demands or them in any way. These kids start lying in their homes very frequently and in such an innocent way that’s difficult to catch. Their friends teach them all. Their academics fall rapidly and they may be a major reason for other’s uncomfortable with loads of complaints raining on parents. Studies say 70% of the kids smoke or start drugs due to extensive peer pressure or imitation. They ask for a lot of money at home lying with an impressive fluency and are mostly seen away or careless of the family and home. They tend to become selfish and adamant in a period of time.


Just shower love and attention!

These kids need love and fear at the same time. Love them and show them your love can make them a pleasant person once again. And scare them a little so that they may at least think twice before doing something unpleasant in future. Try mixing them up more in family matters.
So, these are the certain actions and reactions that may help you build a secure and happy relationship with your kid and make way for a happy adult in future. Remember, kids, are a soft clay dough gifted to us. Mould them properly before they get moulded with hard outside air and hit us ahead in time.

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