Are we free? Really?

Just days back we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day! From all those lengthy Independence Day speeches, to the most creative Independence Day quotes! We have celebrated it with lots of vigour and excitement. Not to forget all those patriotic forward messages and images on freedom that were so frequently circulated all over the social media.

But the question is, how can we scream of happy Independence Day while we are still caged in the prison of traditional values and systems that have been slaving us since centuries? Just how can we shout out that we are free when our judgements are still bottled up to what our Society used to think about years ago and we still think the same? How can a country celebrate it’s s Independence Day when half of it’s population is still deprived of basic meals twice a day? Where in, these kids may not get food at regular intervals, but they easily get access to drugs and become an addict to it even before crossing their teens!

A nation that prides of being the largest practiser of democracy and human trafficking as well! Isn’t it strange? Where humans are sold in just a price of hundreds, not even thousands or lakhs. Is human life of no value in a country that has been independent since decades?

We are a nation where in dowry is the prevailing factor in fixing a marriage and later breaking it. Where in caste system still determines a persons educational and family life thereafter. Where child marriage and labour are still crossing paths in many states. A country that worships the women deities and where many women are degraded physically daily and they still have to be caged in their own house so that no one knows that they have victimised.

On what basis can we call ourselves free when still blame the victim more than the attacker and harass her to death! Just how much we deserve to be called free when our female children don’t even have the freedom to be born? They are killed inside the womb mostly and later even if they survive, they are either given away or sold out.

It is sarcastic how we are moving towards the IOT and satellites on one hand and on the other hand, we are dividing the united country on the basis of the food they eat. Does a free or independent nation steeps so low that they judge your character or persona on the basis of attire you wear?

What’s the use of being independent when we are so much dependent on our mentalities dating back to the uneducated ancestors to live a life of an educated person in a progressing country. Do you actually think these slaves of our society won’t revolt? Just like our leaders revolted years back against the biased rulers of our country, so will these slaves of society revolt one day. They’ll break the barriers hindering their progress and set themselves free.

But for this revolt, we need to wake up! We need to understand that freedom doesn’t just mean that you no longer have the reigning power on top of your head, it’s actually setting each and every citizen of the country free. It’s getting each of them uncaged from the prison of society that doesn’t even let them breathe according to their wish. It’s making our country so safe for every woman and children that they can move freely in their nation. It’s about changing our outlook towards others in the practical way and not judge others on the basis of what our traditions told us!

We could actually call ourselves free when each Indian stops asking himself this question, Are we free? really?

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28 thoughts on “Are we free? Really?

  1. I think the change needs to start with responsible handling of information. We see this divide all over the world and it is time we start identifying ourselves Indian first.

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  2. I hear you! I have always felt that thing with our country. Though there is so much bad happening around and it is also scary to talk to anyone on the road nowadays (or at least it is made that way), I think Independence truly is in us considering everyone equal and starts from our home!


  3. Very pertinent questions asked, Saba. if we look at all that you’ve mentioned, we are far from being free. Hope things change for us.
    An important , well written post that gave me food for thought.


  4. Your write up had my blood boiling once again. Each and every point mentioned is worth millions for not only the policy makers but also each individual. We really need some ‘manthan’ of our thoughts and actions.


  5. A lot of very valid points. I agree we have to address a lot of issues before we can call ourselves genuinely independent. Great post. #MyFriendAlexa #JaiSReads

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  6. Are we all really free and what does freedom means to millions of other deprived of the basic things in life. The right to education to the right to equality are all so wrapped in disguise that we are trapped in our past doing and wrong deeds.

    Largest democracy and we boost of the development and working in the sphere of information technology and the space research but we have so much disparity on the ground and discrimination deep seated in our daily life and rampantly spread across the different strata of our society. It seems we are helpless…

    Children are our future but we have left them in lurch and they are our future, and doing anything else can get us no where…the future will be bleak when the driver of our future are subjected to such misery.

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  7. No country, no human is entirely free. For every India, there’s a Zimbabwe or Uganda to look down at and a United States above. Human beings lust after power and they are capable of doing anything to attain that power and control over others. Let’s start with understanding each other, and not being prejudiced. Let’s be a little considerate to others, let’s not honk on the roads too much, let’s obey discipline in driving and our life as well. The oppressed and suppressed should find a voice and when they do the people like us who stand outside that circle of oppression should lend an ear to them. Bringing any change in a country as huge and diverse as ours is akin to doing U-turn with a ship. It can be done, but it will be very slow.

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  8. The very nicely articulated piece about the social stigmas, bondages and burdens under which Indian society is still living… Keep it up…

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  9. lots of points worth pondering over. we are far from a perfect utopia. our multiplicities are difficult to get over. and so truly we are not free

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