First crush or first love!

He was handsome! The most good looking boy she has seen ever. Or may be she felt it that way! She used to daily stand in the balcony at 8am in the morning for she knew he would be there to sip his cup of coffee. Between fidgeting with those towels and night clothes to be hanged on the rack in the balcony, she would slightly glance at him. But he never looked back at her. Just a passing glance, and then would return inside. But she stared after him for long.

It was just a week ago that they migrated from Delhi to Nainital. Her dad was in government service and it required him to change locations quite often. She was studying in the girls hostel previously, now it was her last year in high school and soon she would be enrolling in college. But just within a week, this boy was already in her dreams. He was tall, attractive, with dark brown eyes and short hair. But this style suited him too much. Always dressed well, he seem to be a college student. She often caught him going towards the bus stand with his college bag in the morning.

Slowly, their relation with the neighbourhood grew. She got to know that he was an engineering student of the nearby college. He was staying here with his fellow friends. She always missed a heartbeat whenever he was around in the colony or in the opposite balcony. May be, it was the infatuation Ms. Mary told her in school. Girls always get attracted towards boys she said. But, she knew somehow that this was different. She felt something more for him, something that she just couldn’t describe, but was beautiful and gave her lots to dream of!


It was around a year that they have shifted here. Her exams were already over and she was waiting for her results. Didi’s wedding was fixed and she was behaving strangely now! Always in her dreams smiling, or chatting with her fiancé on phone. Naina wanted to share her feelings with her, but something stoped her from inside.

It was Valentine’s Day the next week! Didi took her along to get a gift for jiju. Unknowingly, she picked up the tiniest book that said, To you my love! And in which were some beautiful lines that expressed how she felt nowadays!

Your smile raises my hopes everyday!

Your eyes are the reason for my smile,

I wish you never ever go away,

For I’ll love you beyond miles!

She took that book and kept it with her. She knew she’ll never be able to gift him this for he didn’t reciprocated her feelings and would consider her action childish. But still, it made her feel good just to read those lines again and again and dedicate it to him in her mind.


She felt devastated when dad told they were to migrate again within three days! She cried her eyes out, tried to convince him to stay longer because of her studies, but even he was forced to leave as his job demanded.

It was the last day, last morning and the last time she’ll be able to see him. She glanced at him the same time in the morning. He was as fresh as ever! She stared at him with tears in her eyes. Something made him look up, he glanced at her, he going to avert his gaze when he saw her crying. As if to ask her something he opened his mouth, but then she did the incredible! She threw towards him a small packet which he though stunned, caught it perfectly! He looked at it shockingly and back to her. But the girl in navy blue top and jeans with a high ponytail was already running back in her room.

Then, she left! That day she read in a book, You never forget your first crush! This was for sure, she’ll never forget him, never! He was the first person whom she have like for loved or was infatuated to, she’ll always have a soft corner in her heart for him!

Wiping her tears, she flipped some pages. There it was written, if your partner is in your destiny, he’ll meet you in any condition. You may be miles apart or decades pass, if destiny has written your names together, you’ll unite some day, surely!

She sighed…. please God, let him be in my destiny! And the sixteen year old girl fell in sleep….

To be continued this week…..

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