Zencafe lower parel snacking experience

Whole day of endless shopping , had started getting dizzy mood springs …
Answere why not hang out for an hour or half to just calm down n snack up !
Dashed in to this zencafe at Lower parel .. The ambience a perfect bliss to smoothen the tangled tired nerves


Although I usually don’t experiment directly for large dishes but coz hunger was just huge I ordered a whole Zen platter  .. and well It was worth every morsel . The crunchy nachos with different cheezy dips, the soft sandwich which could melt in your mouth , the cheesy n spicy dips , some hummus and what not .
I was filled and satisfied like a baby .


Now time for a cuppa coffee brew .. well they made  sure It was just ss awesome as the platter creamy .dark.. rich with brown sugar .!
And well it suited my budget quite well two .good place to hang on wid friends., aftershops, the catchon with a long lost one etc.with not much but a 1k for 2 people approx .


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