Cafe jiwa at Bandra linking road

  weighing machine screaming a figure which made me scream… well what’s the cure. . A simple 4 letter word!
Yup thats what I ought to do now . But weekend restaurant feed is sort of a habbit nowadays with friend.
I got  a suggestion of visiting cafe jiwa located at Bandra khar road.
Not a huge resto type restaurant but a small hub for health freaks ..thats what I call it.
They serve yummy  frankies made up of the wheat or health  atta that u choose .. right u read just  perfect .Its the truth.
There are any numbers of options available like multigrain atta , diabetic atta , diet atta , soyabean atta , etc.
Than u choose the fillings which are 100 percent veg but tasty n healthy too
For eg .. sprouts fillings, paneer fillings , bhendi or other veggies cooked in awesum tasty masalas n sauces .
They prepare the roties in front of you to make u really believe it .


Then put in the fillings and well the tasty healthy treat is all yours .


Well if you wanna believe more in miracles there are desserts made up of se healthy attas and chocolates too ..take a look


N what more you can bag away some  healthy attas supply at home especially grinded n prepared  n packed by them at a minimal price .
Well in all the healthy experience is worth having for all under diet people’ll love it with a minimum price of approx  300 -400 bucks for a couple .!

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