Easy home remedies for hair fall

Women tend to loose hair more easily n often enough .
Its not that we literally get bald , but the volume of hair shrinks day by day and the length starts reducing to a mere thin tail in the end .
According to studies about 85 percent of women population suffers severe hairfall problems throughout the year which is really a most saddening thing  to any long hair lover woman like myself.


The reasons of hairfall may varie from person to person but in general are :
1 – stress
3 -heredity
4- post pregnancy period or lactation period
5 – irregular sleating and sleeping habbits
6 -pollution
7- adverse effects of certain medicines
8 -harsh chemicaks used on hair
These are the most common reason of hairfall and there are hundreds of others too.
But I faced severe hairfall due to post pregnancy and lactation period, weakness and irregular sleeping and eating habbits.
The problem was so severe that my hair almost lost its beauty with no shine ,  were unmanageable and the volume and lenth was the most minimum.
After a great number of trials and errors I got my hands on these awesum home remedies which works mostly in all the above situations of hairfall.
First of I changed my shampooing habbits snd shampoo . Firstly I used to shampoo daily which is one the major reasons of hairfall and reduced shinw of hair coz it makes our hair loose its natural oils that are very important for its health and shine .
After a little bit of discovery and chit chats I got to know that the tre semme series of hair products are wirking quite well for these problems
I started using tre semme hairfall defense shampoo and conditioners but only once a week .yup that’s right if you want your hair to shine like a baby and grow faster you will have to preserve its natural oils and that can be done only if you use lesser shampooes , conditioners and chemicals on hair .


They have some split end remedies and anti dandruff ones too which are equally effective on their own  .


Second one due to recent pregnancy we women mostly loose all our iron and folic acid and calcium minerals preserved in our body , it leads to dull hair and weaker roots of hair .
So start folic and iron and calcium supy immediately.
Spinach is the major supplier one for iron and milk , bananas are the ones for calcium .even fish is said to best for faster hair growth .
But I started s tablets course too with the advice of my doctor . I prefered shelcal tablets and trifolic tabs from amway nitralite.
Thirrd do a regular chumpy on hair best with olive oil or castor oil snd almond oil mixed . Believe me its the best of best hair growth supplier in the most rapid way .but do this massage twice a week and preheat the oil before massage.
Fourth apply henna on your hair once in 2 months .this is said to be fertilizer for your hair .And is best if applied with egg and coffee .
Next one control your punctuation for meals and sleeps coz these are major causes of hairfall.
And last but not the least one avoid uses of harsh chemicals or colours or ironing machines etc on your hair .It literally burns thier natural besuty and layer and leaves them like tattered rags .
Brush your hair with nice long firm strokes for 10 minutes to make them straight and managable and shiny ..u won’t need any blow drying or ironing done on it .


These are simple ways which can make your hair grow naturally beautiful and long and shiny .
Do try these …I have a personal experience of satisfaction in it .Hope you do too

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