Review -online shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping ..but women have it in thier genes for it .
They are born shopoholic ..they crawl shopping wen they are a baby , they toddle to shops when they are toddlers and they almost run to shopping centres ehen in teens and nowadays they all through the day dab thier fingers on thier mobile or I pad screens to shop along .
I am most proud to say that I am a shopping freak to its extreme .. and super addicted to online shopping ! What more a time pass I want than just to browse through shopping apps .
But the best collection and selection and the ome wallet friendly I think is .
I just love browsing through its app the whole day started when I just by chance downloaded the app occupies the least space of my device and is super fast in its work too .in short internet wasool.
I ordered a lot of things drom here firstly an anatkali dress to wear on my wedding anniversary .. I shopped it before a fortnight in case they deliver it late but well ..surprise …it arrived in just 48 hours .. huge hit !


And it cost just 1750 INR much lesser than other local malls or shops .
Then I ordered some track pants for my son..well those were too knocking at my order just the other day of ordering and the quality of the product was just fabb in just 675 inr approx for both of them



Then it was the turn of some ethnic kurtas to gift my hubby on our very loved the V day .. they too arrived together in thier superfast delivery




One of them of denim blue colour suitable for casual wear worth just rs. 699  INR and the other ones of pink cotton silk worth 1k and the black one for 789 INR for party wear . My hubby just loved those awesum pieces even he is a shopping freak browsing myntra app the whole day searching for thier daily look good and other weekend bienging and more beneficial sales too .
Even this Lino Perros handbag and a fastrack ladies watch is from in amazing sale prices


Well I just love myntra for its excellent super fast delivery , too reliable product quality , amazing variety of products for kids , women , men , thier shoes , assecories  , clothes , lingeries  and what not .
Trust me when you shop here shop happily ever after .Just download the app and go gagaaaa ..l

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