Tips :Losing weight the super fast way

We often always wonder how to stay fit and in shape forever and ever … well its better dreamt than reality ..quite a tough job for a woken especially if she has kids and a hectic home to look after.
Lets have some quick and the easiest steps to achieve this dream goal without going through much pains and without starving ourselves to death !
First of all lets trim our diet a lil bit .. just quit breads ..may it brown ..may it white consists of yeast in it .. which is the richest fattening factor . Opt for chapaties instead …pure wheat chapati always fulling to let us stay full for a longer time and excess in health too .


Secondly quit milk tea .. if black tea is mixed with milk it leaves all its beneficial qualities which are the best for health of heart  and fitness and even best for digestion too. Better if we go for green tea WITHOUT MILK  .Green tea if had 5 times daily has the capacity to burn 70 percent of fats especially for belly fats ! But to prevent its addiction twice daily is a good start for fitness and active being .


There are any numbers of brands available for it ..bit lipton green tea is the best when it comes for taste and health . Especially the lemon honey flavour .


This combined with a vigorous walk daily morning even for 3km at a stretch starting with a single one within the set time limits alao leaves a remarkable difference in getting slimmer .


All these along with giving up junks and rice and a proper 8 hour sleep helps you reduce faster .. they say if you sleep lesser you have more craving for eating and hunger , so proper sleeping and eating habits account for better results in reducing weight .
So ..isn’t it easy ..lil steps that you can carry out even with a huge joint family or even with the most hectic kids around .
Trust me …the result wud be admirable … so cmon you rocling ladies …just get set go !!!!

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