Healthy and easy recipes – carrot and dates halwa

Winters ..well lots of chill with lots of hunger pranks and lots of carrots  ! They are available in masses in winters .we often crave for something warm n healthy in winters but end up having loads and loads of .gajar ka halwa made my mum .
Well mumies here’s something unique and tasty equally healthy to interest you ..
Its a simple carrots and dates halwa.
Making it quite so simple ..
What we need is ..
Ingredients for 6 people approx
1- carrots grated  half kg.
2-dates deseeded a quarter kg.
3-ghee two tablespoons
4- desicated coconut one teaspoon and for sum garnishing too
5- sugar as much you need it sweet
6-a cup of milk
7-saffola oats pack
8-lil til seeds
9- a lil condensed milk
You start of with heating some ghee


in a vessel add carrots and dates and milk and sugar and close the lid to let it cook for 15 mins
Now the mixture looks something like this


.now add the dessicated coconut


Oats …


And some condensed milk ..there are many brands for it but I prefer amul mithaimate for it .


Now when the waters all evaporated .. take it out in a bowl .. decorate it with some dessicated coconut , and til seeds


..coz til seeds when eaten with dates brings out the best nutrients from it . Well the superb dish looks something like this


If you want the perfect red colour you can add some food colour to it but I mostly avoid it coz its not too good to have it more ..
Well now this  is a ln easy gajar ka halwa in a different twist ans style .. try it for some good praises at home !

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