Recipe – Nawabi egg korma with a cheesy twist .

Tired of eating typical chicken dishes and muttons again and again a hardcore non veggie like me want something unique and tasty for dinner.
For a change I made something unique with eggs .But not the typical egg curry that mums used to make .. a different twist with it is always better .
Well lets see what we need for it .
Ingredients to make it for 6 people:
Onions and tomatoes
Curd 2 teaspoon
Fresh cream
Ginger garlic paste
Tamarind powder a pinch
2 teaspoons red chilli powder
2 teaspoons coriander powder
Half teaspoon garam masala powder
Oil for frying
Eggs 6
Coriander leaves for garnishing.
So lets start with boiling the eggs and peeling them and keeoing aside


Take some onions and tomatoes


Cut the onions and fry it lightly in around 1 tablespoon oil ..let it cool down and grind it with tomatoes to make a puree.
Heat oil in a frying pan add some ginger garlic paste about one teaspoon and stir it for some time ..then add the puree in it and add salt , tamarind powder , chilli powder , coriander powder and garam masala powder.
When it leaves the oil take out about 2 teadpoon of this mixture in a separate bowl .
To the rest mixture add curd and stir till oil is seen again.
Now pour the fresh cream on it and stir til the mixture is even enough.
You can use home made fresh cream too but I prefer amul fresh cream the smallest pack .


NOW your gravy is ready . Just grate the cheese in another bowl


And add the mixture that we kept in the small bowl and a lil bit of finely cut coriander leaves .
Mix it properly .. slit the eggs from between a little and fill in this mixture .
Later on just before serving .place it on top of the gravy and serve hot with roties or naans .


So ..  isn’t it a good and simple one to try …well go on a relish the taste of your own creativity :))

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