Food review- sunfeast dark fantasy biscuits and cookies

Eat to live and not live to eat ..thats what most wise men said years before ..but I think that mister wise didn’t knew exactly what to eat !
He wudnt have got such awesum tasty yummy delicacies around him .. but well how can we keep our hands off food when there are so tempting options around us .
Breakfast , lunch and dinner are not enough of a meal nowadays ..Especially when you are a super sweet tooth persona ..I always  like something of a filling of desserts or snacks or cookies in between or before or after these typical meal timings .
snacking biscuits or cookies are mandatory in each one of our houses nowadays . Each kid and adult have this habbit of biting off some of those crunchy bunches with while television or playing games on thier I pads!
When it comes to cream biscuits or cookies the best one I prefer is sunfeast dark fantasy .
The one with amazing flavours and both in normal cream biscuit and in cookies type .


I bought these many and more to stock it up for a fortnight but was shocked when it finished off within four days.
The creamy biscuits with vanilla fillings are my hubby’s favourite .. so was finished within four days of world cup matches .. ofcourse the cricket tension and stress is quite understood with hunger cravings but seriously my hubby is just so crazy about the vanillla flavour of it …the cream not so sweet but soft and yummy with dark choco biscuit around tastes just as awesome as it sounds and my favourite the chocolate cream one is just a lil chocolaty n dark with the same biscuits layer covering it ..and well the design on the outer surface of the biscuits is like inviting you to say its not enough there’s more to it that catches the eyess



Then there’s the cookie cousin of these which comes in a beautiful box in a pack of six individual cookies each packed in a different paper too .. the packing itself is beau with lots to speak of the taste you gonna have .


My son  likes to lick the creamy layer that pours from with in the cookies or choco fills as they are so called when it’s broken in to halves ..


And have the rest of the cookies with a glass of warm milk ..


Well ..not a tea toast people we often opt for coffee and milk .. and  to add a twist to it we always add a cookie or biscuit tadka with it .
Well this is one of my favourite one ..available in so many beautiful packs that I often even gift to friends on festivals or bdays ..


And believe me even they become its addict the next time after having it .
So ..sunfeast people ..a hell of a wicked  temptation you created for biscookes like me ..hatsoff for it and thankx can try it with just a rupees 20 pack of cream biscuits or a 30 rupees pack for choco fills too :))

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