Easy recipe -Crispy restaurant style french fries at home

Hi all , we all often after having those expensive fries at mc .D or other snackeria outlets wonder how they make such crispy crunchy french fries so eaily so fast and so yummy ?
Haven’t we all tried it at home a dozen times and failed ?
Well now you won’t ..just try this one ..its easy .. its fast and ofcourse the fries are as good as any readymade ones are.
We just want some potatoes.
Peel and cut them like this ..


Drain the water immediately .. let the oil heat at its fastest pace .. add a teaspoon of salt and a double teaspoon of cornflour powder in it  and mix it like this .


Fry it at a  fast flame just like this .


After some time those are ready to be served hot and crispy just like this


I like to sprinkle some pepper powder on it .. you may use your choices of garnishings or just have it with the red paste ..tomato ketchup and ENJOY 🙂

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