Non veg exotic dinner recipe – rich malai kofta

Typical days ..typical nights .. typical eating types !
Got bored with it .. now regular meals have lost thier charm .. we people nowadays wanted a change in our regular cooking and dining experiences .. so well got an idea suddenly why not give our usual moghlai recipes a modern makeover ?
Ok its not so difficult to give it the modern touch it ?
Nopes not that headache as most of us think .. so  lets try the following kofta or meat balls recipe in to a new modern one .
We need for 6 people :
Half kg minced meat ( better grind it more in a blender)
4 onions diced and fried in to lil more than pink
Some cashews
A cup of curd
Ginger garlic paste one spoon
Salt to taste
Butter one tablespoon
4 potatoes
2 eggs boiled
1 small pack of amul fresh cream
1 teaspoon honey
Oil for frying.
So for the start
We make balls of the minced snd grinded meat with salt and half tea spoon ginger garlic paste and fry it in some 4 tablespoons oil in a small frying pan .
Take it out and keep aside.
Then grind in to a paste fried onions, cashews and curd in to a thick paste.
Heat butter in a pan and add some ginger garlic paste and fry it . Then add some salt and the grinded paste in it .let it cook till simmer .


Add some honey in it . You can use your choice ..I prefer dabur honey as its the most healthy and with lesser calories .. turning hubbies in to jealubies ..just saw thier latest add


Now when oil turns up ..add amul fresh cream in it


And if you want to make its consistency thin, then add some milk in it not use water in this one .


Now slowly add the meat balls in it and switch off the stove .
then peel and cut and fry potatoes as fries .. the recipe for a perfect french fries is just the previous one you can check that .


Decorate your dish with these fries and eggs and coriander leaves as shoen below and enjoy a full taarif time for a unique sweet and salty indulgence you created ..I surely did :))


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