Product review -garnier bb cream

We women have that immortal wish to have immortal beauty and freshness all our life .. but very few are those lucky ones to have been blessed with such skin type or health or circumstances!
How does our beauty fade throughout the milestones of life is another matter ..but it does ! And its so very depressing for all of us coz we all so badly wanna be the best  beauty babe in our loved ones eyes !
Well even I went through such a tragedic stage when I thought I am going to lost my beauty which omce used to impress not many but atleast a few admirers .. it may be through stress , unhealthy diet , sleepless nights or unhourly sleeping habbits or ill health orpost or pre pregnancy reasons ..but we all face those under eye circles atleast once in our lives which leaves us looking shabby and tired .


And that dull reflection staring at us in the mirror often makes us shriek with frustration


I faced both of these problems after my pregnancy .. those sleepless nights with a baby along and reducing health during pregnancy and lactating times left me looking fragile and a lil bit near ugly . I thought I lost all my radiant charm like before and wouldn’t be the same ever again ..
Well it soon changed ..just like s fairy tale takes a twist .. I saw a random add about some garnier bb cream for under eye circles . After experimenting with lots of home remedies being harassed between cucumber and potaoes this seemed quite easy enough .. well I thought why not just try for some days .
The next day I got this one


Quite easily accessible at all local pharmacies and shopping centres this one started its work by being applied by myself daily twice .. and guess what … I relished the moment even now when I first noticed the difference .. I was overwhelmed with delight and the disappearance of those dark circles so rapidly !
But the dull skin still hindered me sometimes .. so I searched on web for more garnier products for the same .. I came up with this new miracle


The garnier bb cream … it brought a new radiance and shine to my skin with in a short period of say some 6-7 days and got me back  my lost confidence and the one again enthusiastic to go to parties with the same old beauty looking feeling about myself .
Even my hubby is impressed with my continued beauty and freshnes till today coz I never left these two mirracle workers from those days .. I still use them and very happily indeed and whenever I see myself in mirror ..I have that glow each woman wishes for !


U could try it out too ..there are many more for anti ageing , fairness ., acne pimple or marks . You name it and all are equally best at thier work with a price that need not need a frown on your forehead … go ahead if you face such problems .. try it and experience the pleasant change in yourself !

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