Non-veg mughlai recipe – mutton rogan josh

Mughlai food has been embedded in Indian culture since centuries now … with the invading and exiting of Mughals a lot of culinary habbits and techniques has made thier special place within Indian culture !
It offers various exotic tasty delicacies with rich texture and taste which consists most of the part of main course in today’s dinning varities ..especially quite famous with the non veggies !
Today let’s head off to create one more easy , less time consuming , #Mughlai #Non-veg #Mutton based dish righty called MUTTON ROGAN JOSH!
We need for 6 people :
500grms mutton cut (with bones)
1 tblspn ginger garlic paste
2 tspnCoriander powder
1 tspn garam masala powder
1 tablspn curd
6 onions cut
Oil fr frying
Coriander for garnishing
Boiled eggs (optional)
Cut onions and fry it till golden brown .


Marinate the mutton with ginger garlic paste , salt , Coriander powder , curd , garam masala powder and keep it ready !


After the onions are fried add the mutton and a quarter glass of water and pressure cook it til the mutton is tender.
After the mutton is cooked open and let the water dry till oil surfaces up .
Add some waterto adjust the consistency and granish with coriander or/and boiled eggs if yiu want


And enjoy the most fastest cooked exotic tasty dish ever made ..I have tried it can too :))

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