Parenting – Don’t make your kids exam ill

End of academics .. start of the annual examination ..I can very well understand how eachvof you moms feel when it comes to exams tensions and stress!
I feel the same especially when our kids are a handfull of naughty creatures fooling around the whole year and being serious of the studies only at the exams time.
But in this stress some of us exploit our kids emotionally and bring them towards their such end of stress and tension that due to this pressure they often either give up studying seriously at all or very sadly some of them hang on to suicidal tendencies.


Always remember what your kids are studying in the seventh grade is taught in the ninth grade to kids abroad!
Childhood is the time period in any one’s life as the one for joy and gay feelings and learning is a substantial thing that each individual does through practice , trial and error and inventions and curiosity … as very well said by someone there’s no bigger scool than childhood and there’s never a bigger teacher than curiosity in anyone.


Next let him enjoy his studies

and study what entertains them most ..this will bring out a natural thirst of knowledge which no teacher , no textbooks can evolve


once in the whole exam period let them go for papers unprepared or by preparing by themselves ..this will make them responsible with of thier own actions.
Let them freak out doors after studies and have some  fun with their friends .


Let them catch enough sleep to keep them fresh rather than letting them so tired that they end up sleeping while studying !


Feed them almonds generously as its best for memory power.
And last but not the least give them all your moral support and tell them even if they are not prepared at the mark , may not do well .. you still believe they are the best !
It’s all worth it ..after all not all educated people are successful and happy in life and not all happy people are successful and educated !
So , its your decision want your kid happy and content with thier knowledge or just educated with degrees !!

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