Behind the beauty !!

Everyone of us have that favourite actors and  actress of ours .. whose beauty leaves us awwwed.
We treat them as perfect Goddess of beauty and often try to imitate them and end up either making fool of ourselves or feeling undee previliged one .
Here’s something interesting and well may call funny too about our favourite actresses .
Some distinct pics that I cme across and compared .well the results are astonishing and pleasant as well !
Astonishing because I never thought make up could be a magician too and pleasant because now I know I am better than most of the world famous celebrities ..I just don’t glam and doll up mysef with too much of cosmetics and cameras thats it !
Now time to reveal those images ..
If you think Aishwarya rai is the most beautiful woman in the world ..I think you should give it a second thought after viewing this


Well .hope you recognise the most beautiful woman without her make up .


Now what do u think of kajol devgan … haven’t the change of surnames brought her a drastic change of complexion too ?
Same goes with shilpa shetty too ..


And karisma kapoor have changed ravishingly a lott.


And you would never recognise Rekha in the previous pic


For sridevi …I would just say .the older ..the better .


Vidya Balan has certainly got a makeover though..


Our sexy seductive Bips was sexy before too no doubt but has been brighter in coming years ..don’t you think sooo ..


Rani has seen and been a lott from mukherjee to Chopra .. it shows ..


.priyaanka chopra has grabbed a lot of beauty too ..


The motive of showing up these images was not to tease them but to make it known that each one has a different side too ..that may bot be ideal ..but better be get known because of the better one .. coz .. the best is always appreciated !!!

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