Summer side up !!

Whoooooo its summer again …. the hoyty toyty sunn is all in its proud egoistic self ..not ready to budge . The wind in her own complex not ready to blow and the weather being the bichara in this all being hott with exploitation by them !
Well that was just a poetic description of our dear summee months  .which is here finally !
Now the first thing that comes in our ladies minds in …..
Yup ..even I was thinking of the same … its.. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR FOR SUMMER !!!
So lets start with some shopping and some hot fashionable ideas to make it a coool dressing this hot season .
Opt for cotton clothes in the first place that we all know of course .. what ? Is a bigger question ..
So for office use if you want  a  western  formal touch cotton shirts plane and in light english colours like peach , beige , pink , yellow , sky blue , light purple .are quite a hit nowadays .



You can very well pair it with some loose trousers rather thsn denims as its less itchy and more comfortable .


Or even loose  cottonkurtis with coton leggings are a better option for it .


Then there’s a new dress material in market known as Italian cotton if you wanna have it for stitched punjabis for home where or outings .its just the softest one with coolest feel .


For dates and parties opt for light coloured long skirts along with contrast in blouses or cotton shirts or even palazzoz are rocking nowadayz woth kurties or cool t shirts


..we also have those awesome printed t shirts which are soft and stretchable yet quite comfortable and cool .
Avoid half sleeves or sleeveless during summers ..yup you read it right because the sun light is too strong nowadays due to global warming  and naked hands may get taned or burnt too sometimes .
Opt for dark sunglasses


..always a better option to avoid those sharo rays but hats and umbrellas are besties for this too .
So ..lets welcome summer with our light colured and fashionable way .. and stay bright and hot always with the coolest dressing of the season 🙂

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