Giving ears to wishes !

Being Born in an orthodox over preservative family is no joke .. life’s too complicated in each of its phase … every new step demands so much of courage and stubborness along with will power in abundance .
Especially when you are a woman .it seems like you are always are being in a shield . So very protected yet have to be strong enough to bear each of the blame that has no one to put it on .
Education was a BIG DEAL in our family for women . Reaching senior secondary examination boards was like having obtained the whole Ganga of knowledge .
I knew this rule all the way ..but I  couldn’t  help my dreams to dream they had wings and gaining higher education was the only goal I ever set in my life .


I was always the subdued reserved one chicken of the family that never raised her voice against all odds ..may be too caring of  others feelings or never ever wanted an argument over anything .when it came to breaking the rules of the family for my wish it was just a huge step towards criticism and arguments and distress for the whole family .
Better avoid the trouble said my mind .. but there was some yearning in my heart that told me to atleast give it a try … well ..I went ahead .. the outcome was as predicted .. huge chaos , criticism , blames of fellow school girls and threat to get me married off early !
I gave up the idea after a lot of heart pour !
But couldn’t help that yearning feeling that wanted me to go ahead and let people know even I had wishes and voice and dreams … I knew nobody would support me but still one night feeling too overwhelmed with my dream of being a someone and reading these lines


I built up all my courage and went in my father’s room to convince him.
He was as adamant as he could be .but I had promised myself I won’t give in .. I would get at least my this wish come true ..  after hours of pleading and assurances and requests to trust me
I finally got a condition .. to study in a womens college , no interactions with male ., no friends out there and strict pick and drop service .. I agreed it all just because it was my heart’s wish to pursue a career which would make me known for what I am ..
I took up Arts and pychology in Sophia University for women mumbai 


later as my subject as I wasn’t allowed to take difficult studies or career which would later hinder my wedding status or would give me further wings to become a career oriented woman .
I wanted very much to be a dental surgeon but reverted my interests instead on psychology and later did homeopathy course of correspondence .
My dad was the most proud person when he was called as the chief guest of the topper of college and well the magic of listening to this #DilKiDeal is still there … each girl after me turned out as a graduate or have a degree or diploma of her interests and thank me till date for that one night of persuasion when I heard what my heart wanted so much .. while my brain protested against the odss ..but well I gave wings to my wishes … !! I know brain is always the brighter one but that doesn’t mean the heart is a dumb one ..give it a chance to bring that maguc in your life .. and feel the glow of it .give ears to your wishes and hear them sing a melodious tune ..
I am participating in the#DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity atBlogAdda in association withSnapDeal.”

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