A dream for loan !

Friends .. always inpredictable , always crazy .. doing those topsy turvy tricks just for fun . I have one .. who was always so funny .used to make us giggle for ages with her jokes . She used to laugh so much . You could hear her shrieks of laughter even above two floors .
Amazing twinkle always in her eyes , so very jolly so very mischievous and high spirited with wishes to touch the sky …even though it may be with her single working leg !
Yup , she us a partially well ..what we say , underpreviliged physically or handicapped! Although I don’t like this word too much.
Very few knew her laughter hid her cries, her jokes had a taunt behind them of being deprived and those sparkling eyes had always some precious salty droplets hidden away in them!
I was from a middle class family with pocket money enough for canteen usage and savings enough to fulfill some petty little dreams. She was although a little much better uo but had a huge line of eight siblings . Although all were quite normal physically and mentally.
Her parents tried out many doctors for her problems but none was quite sure her other leg would ever work out ..it was normal but wouldn’t work like normal ..she would may be forever need a wheelchair to support her.
But this was zoya ..she always had a crazy dream to swim like those dolphins ..up and down thise waves freely as if she was a sea princess. She had gone through many institutes to learn them..one of them told her her dream could be fulfilled .. she can swim just like normal people do .but the fee was just over the budget line.
On the other hand I had planned to open uo my savings to get my little dream of a personal scooter get true .
On a fine summer monday ..I was off to book my first very dream vehicle when she shared her problem with me ..her parents couldn’t afford that huge fee and she didn’t had enough saved for herself . Couldn’t ask for loan from anybody for she wasn’t sure she would be able to repay anybody ..
But was quite happy atleast I was getting what I dreamt for .Even I was super exited for the idea of owning my dreams finally ..so together we went and …
Took a step towards our dream .. well yes we paid , we both for our swimming classes .. !
I had to ..because I may get a lot of vehicles to own but she had that one chance to own her self .. her complete self.. so I paid not only for her but for both of us .. coz she wanted to conquer the world through her dives ..and I wanted to see my sweet friend feel like she had !
On that day ..it was the first time .her smile was glad .. her eyes wete stars and her laughter was a real pleasure to hear !
Today ..I have my personal vehicle but I still go to that swimming institue .. not to watch her swim ..but to see how she teaches the same to her students .
Yes , she made her biggest defeciency her strongest asset .. thats what determination and spirit is all about .. to achieve whats beyond you .
That day may be my brain was right when it said that I need a vehicle the most ..after all I had saved for years for it … but my heart was even better when ut suggested need was always above the luxury level.
Following my #DilKiDeal that day never made me regret even once ..even though it meant years to wait for my dream to come true ..but the magic of watching other person’s dreams take a real shape and sculpture is more a pleasure to watch !!!

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal .

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  1. Rohit Dhyani says:

    #DilKiDeal Help in Fulfilling dreams of others and see smile on their face is much more than anything in life.


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