The other side of bright !!

Every dark cloud has a silver lining … that’s what we have heard since childhood .. meanwhile we always wondered whether this was true ? And if yes , to how much extent !
its a matter that calls for deeper attention ..because it starts with the very day we are born .. some of our relatives laugh because they have been gifted while the gift himself is crying !
When we got life each one was sure we are going to die someday ..still we are happy of the present .
It doesn’t matter what tomorrow beholds for us ..but today is always better .
Similarly , each situation has its positives and negative points ..there is always two sides of a coin ..but still we tend to avoid the negative side and get indulge in enjoying the positive one.
Actually these both forces are so dependent on each other that if one of them doesn’t exist ..the other one tends to loose its importance !
Like night is so very dependent on the sun to take its much ever pleasant and bright the day light be ..we always wait for the darkness to come ..may be because it answers all the incomplete riddles we tend to come across during the day .
Each life has a crises and a relieving joyous moment in it .. if that would not be so .. we may not appreciate the happiness in our lives ! If we wouldn’t get the worst people in our life .. how will we ever encourage the great people amongst us .That’s why life offers us all a Yin and a Yang !
Nature has it all planned for us .. there’s heaven and a hell too .. if the fear of hell was not among us how will we ever crave for heaven ?
I always think whether its the negative or positive side of life .. accept and face them all with a huge smile ..I am sure they will all merge to be a pleasant today and better tomorrow ..a union of yummy Yin and yuck Yang always decorate our lives in to various multi shades that are just so beautiful and beautifeel to review at !!!
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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