Add spice to adds !!

Phir se break !! Again adds !!
That’s what happens each tenth minute during watching any show or news or game for that matter .
Ok ..I understand they are for our interests and benefits snd knowledge too ..but sometimes aren’t they just too over dosed us !
Like while watching a super hit INN type of reality show .. during the climax time ..when the results are going to be announced ..when all of us hold our breath and the contestants thier tears .they say its time for a break ..stay tuned !!
Crappp ..just why to divert our so very attentionised attention ?
And then too while some of the adds are so good and entertaining to watch ..some of them make your moods rot with a capital R!
Like have you seen the salman khan having the revital tablets and saying his father advised him to have those ? Oh comeon do you really want us to believe mr. Salim khan had no other job than to advise his son on having some tabs for physical growth and won’t all the gyms shut down because of a single pill ?


And the one where Sunny Deol says to wear our luck in shape of a vest ? God knows what will happen to girl’s luck then .


And some super model be using Breeze soap so that she may wear a good fragrance too with it .. and be known as Husn Pari or beauty queen ?
And the ones with having ultra dark complexion getting a makeover within weeks ..I guess if a cream works miracle in low budget u don’t know why these soo ravish parlours and beauticians are existing.
These adds also made me understand that kareena kapoor has got serious dandruff problems of which she is not doing some good medication but only depends on head and shoulders shampoo


while by using Idea network we don’t need to spend lakhs on education when idea Internet gets you doing hotel management in seconds !
And Aseen has got severe pagal problems and needs an urgent help of pychologist .. if not she will go on spreading foolishness such as playing tennis with hands on heads !


And last but not the least please somebody get katrina married off soon or at least a boyfriend for that matter ..she is so desperate that she is craving for mangoes as partners ..for God’s sake its aamsutra not kamasutra you may eat it just like a fruit or a drink anyways you want .


Well ..anyways enough of this crap ..its high time these add agencies start making good, entertaining and creative adds rather than making a world record of phekology and stupidness .
I think they should be notified that we too have got some ounces of common sense ! And well ye dil maange more logics and fun things to watch !!
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