Crushing the crashed !!

Live it abhi !! That’s what people are humming nowadays ! When the whole india is buzzing about #CrashTheIPL adds  .. they are all head over heels creating quirky , funny and LOLing Adds its sure the time of the grand Pepsi IPL !!
Youngsters are especially making creative and  awesome stuffs and uploading it on u tube ! Its all there …just click on anyone .. they are all unique with a new and creative theme in each one if them !
Thats surely a favourite passtime for me and most of other people nowadays too . I went through innumerable adds .. ..Some made me ROFL some made me catch my tummy in order to stop those giggles !
Some were just soo Pakauuu !
Some actors really need a dose of revital typo tabs and many of theme a proper beauty parlour !
Lol … well lets pick some and do a crushing job on them !
Now .. Watch “Crash the Pepsi IPL   Pepsi “Abhi”” on YouTube – Crash the Pepsi IPL   Pepsi “Abhi”:  
this one is a pretty good one … it was a full paisa wasool 30 seconds ka add ! Entertaining and creative too ..leaves you waiting eagerly for the next coming second ! And the final twist when the pepsi cann is empty and replaced by another one is unexpected ..yet beautiful put !
But the only thing that hindered my pleasure in watching it was the teeth ! Yup the main actress or heroine or model whatever you put her as .. well she smiled in one the scenes andddd her front middle teeth was missing ! Minute point naa ..I know ..but what to do ..I observe the tiniest and critisize on the same !
The second one being this ..Watch “Crash the Pepsi IPL –”Cheat Karna hi Padega”” on YouTube – Crash the Pepsi IPL –”Cheat Karna hi Padega”: .
Thiz  one is total hopeless ! The most dumb and dull add I have ever watched ! Full 30seconds wasted and dumped in gutter ! The actor looked as in he’s just got up from bed and started shooting.. the actress ..well I just wanna say her ..kuch lete kyu nahi ? She acted like mumbling dialogues or reading boring chapters! And the theme of cheating was presented at its worst form ! Urgghhh mood kharab hogaya !
Third one ..  big fat menu .. Watch “Crash The Pepsi IPL – “The Big Fat Menu”” on YouTube – Crash The Pepsi IPL – “The Big Fat Menu”: .
The theme was okay okay ! But the acting was excellent .. not much creative but good ! Pleasantly presented ! And the male model was quite good looking too can watch this add just to stare at him . I liked it ! Bus no more positivitiez to it !
Fourth one was.. Watch “Crash the Pepsi IPL – Pyaasi Chudail” on YouTube – Crash the Pepsi IPL – Pyaasi Chudail:
Well its supposed to be a horror add but I think I was rather yawning throughout it ! Well this one was the most confused 30 seconds on an add .. confused about should I laugh , be afraid or just stare at it dumbly ?
But the one creative and good point was the thing about the counselling session of ghosts ! That was a plus point of all dumb and not exactly the mark . You can watch if you wanna see how males look when they wear a wig and apply toothpaste on thier face !
The last but not the least one is the winning add served ! Watch “Crash the Pepsi IPL – Winner – Served” on YouTube – Crash the Pepsi IPL – Winner – Served:
The tittle not exactly catchy ..but I seriously don’t know why the judges chose this one as a winner ..there are better ones than this . Its creative no doubt but not quirky or funny or impressive . No human efforts in it and certainly not an eye or attention catcher ! But in all it says a lot about the IPL   so may ne this impressed the judges ! Its a tummy full of 30 seconds of an add..if you wish to see and know the dishes of each states snd some matching cricket commentry on it  and why its the winner !
These are some of the adds may watch many others too which are equally creative and boring and amazing too ! Well its your choice and opinion that matters ! Watch them all ..have gala time and if interested blog about them and win !! Just like I did crushed them all to pieces and crashed them.  so of crashing luck !!
Check out the#CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda”

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