Recipe – Raw mango basic achar !

Mangoes on the rock nowadays .. so are pickles !


Its the time when we especially pick out different types of mangoes and are scrolling through mr .googlr for new and easy recipes for it !
Well I have got answeres to your prayers here .. will post some of them in the best easiest and quickest way possible ….just stay tuned ….
Recipe – easiest raw mango basic pickle or achaar !
You need small hard very raw type of  mangoes or kairi as they are so famously called.
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Vinegar .
Cut mangoes in cubes with peel


Wash them and drain out extra water as this water makes it  more sour or pungent sometimes .
Then add salt and more than half teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it well .then add a twist of spoon full (teaspoon ) of vinegar and mix .
Your achar is ready . It’s salty .. its tasty and sour ..yummmm


U can store it in refrigerator or keep it in room temperature doesn’t mind . It stays intact for weeks ..enjoy !!

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