Share the load and Even the odds !

21st century .. a revolution already happened or under process ! But the indian society remains the same . It’s been stagnated till date and may be the same for another century or half coming .
Still there are organisations that are working on getting it improved ..and may be by sheer hard work and education they may achieve the goal !
One of the tracks where Indian society remains slow in progress is having inequality in household ! Where in there is a stereotype in most brains that household chores are meant to be done by women and outdoor jobs by men ! Or if the women is working too ..either at home or elsewhere she has to perform the household chores too along with earning !
Sounds impractical ..isn’t it ? But yes this is our harsh reality at 80 %Indian homes ! Here women are supposed to be breathing and feeling roberts !


And the most sad situation is even the woman expects herself to be the same !
But its time, that we women understood equality like charity starts at home ! If we want our daughters to be treated just like our sons or ourselves just like our brothers are treated ..we need to understand that equality doing the household chores is no exeption too !
And it will help more if men finally came off the notion that women are born to blow stoves and wash clothes ! They ought to have a break from those chores too as the men deserve a weekend break from their offices !
If both the spouses shared the daily chores amongst themselves I am sure the frustration level in most households that lead to breaks or divorce will reduce !
Similarly , if the responsibility of caring for a baby is devided between both the parents equally , even the kid will get most of the love from both of them !


And if that’s a son you have you are nurturing him how he should treat and care for us and if it’s a princess you are showing her what to expect in future out of any relationship !
So , if chopping is undertaken by husbands and cooking by wives .. or meal times adjusted according to who is free .. I don’t think so men will have guts to pinpoint the taste of food or women will have the atittude of .. LOOK I CAN DO THAT ONLY ! I am sure it’s not much difficult with hundreds of videos about cooking dishes being uploaded daily on u tubes !


Of course co operation is a key substance in these keys if a husband offers to do laundry .let him do that ! He can clean his stuff too ..may be that may make him more organised in future !


And if the wife asks the husband to do it .. the husband should accept it as a challenge ! Well ..who knows you will enjoy this challenges on a daily basis and be proud of them too !
In short ..the childhood heard quote ..SHARING IS CARRING fits properly here ! We can all do that ..a minute change here will not harm anybody rather may benefit the ambience of your home to a large extent ! So why not SHARE THE LOAD and ..why not EVEN THE ODDS !!
“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”

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  1. Nice post! Liked those images too! Good work! Do visit my blog too 🙂


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