Food review – chocolush magic unlocked !

Boring summer still in queue .. something exiting was more than welcome ! Days used to go by tweeting evenings facebooking and nights whatsapping !
Suddenly something magical was trending on twitter was something like  #UnlockTheMagic promoted by brittania pure magic ! (@Unlockthemagic ) . Curiosity got better of me and I started checking what’s so famous and magical about this thing !
And guess what .. these people were sharing some golden key
..well I did as directed and got a golden key to unlock some magical surprise !
Within 2 days I recieved a sweetly packed surprise at my doorstep from them .


And this awaited after the opening ceremony ..


Beautiful and attractive pack isn’t it ?
Its a new launch cookies by brittania pure magic ! This pack contains 5 mini packs of them


Each one looks cute after opening


Now enough about looks ..lets taste it ! Hmmm crispy cookies with yummy Belgium chocolate inserted in it that melts in each bite ! Its just magical ..simply charismatic taste ! Chocolushly chocolaty ..yup that’s the word for it !


The whole cookie got finished in a jiffy ! And gradually the whole set was cleaned off the packets .
In all the lovely surprise had us all licking our fingers and craving for more ..wish I could have some more of it …..

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