Each day .. a sweet bliss !

Who ever said Happily Ever after exists only in fairy tales , didn’t know where to find happiness !
People often say …life is a circle of good times and bad times .that certain times you are at your excellence of luck and at certain times your bad lucks howers at you like a black cloud on a stormy night !
Well , I personally think its all a myth ! You don’t need a change of phase of time to be happy or lucky . Your each moment of life can be the luckiest , blissful or as happy as a celebration if you want it to be ! Its all on your views and  how you take life !
They say make your hobby your work ..or chose your profession according to what you like doing  , then you won’t have to work a single day . That’s the reason u chose free lance painting and blogging as my profession .. now , each new project is a cause of new celebration for me daily !
And if you have that perfect partner in life …life’s each moment seems so fully lived !


Its not that there are no ups and downs in a relationship ..but when you truly love someone , you just don’t want that downs to drown your lovely bond ! Each moment spent together with your loved ones seems like thousands folds of happiness opening up around you !


And when your life with that loved one has a sweet little place where you groom your future ..life becomes so a reason full to celebrate each day !
It doesn’t really matter if the house is big or small .. or an old mansion or a new flat .. its just that the walls are painted brightly with affection .. the rooms are so very nicely ventilated with trust and understanding and the ambience speaks so much of happiness ..that even a small hut seems like a dream castle with your royal family around and each day a royal ball to celebrate your daily achievements of new founded happiness and pleasure !
And last ..but not the least is our atittude towards life .. if we accept each moment of our life as a blessing and bliss offered to us ..I am sure our each day would be a festival of eid and diwali for us ! We will not any special occasion to make us realise we need to giggle and gather ..but each smile of ours will force our life to be lead specially and giggle because its with us .. like a wise man once said .. give smile to reasons ..rather than search a reason to smile ! And remember just one thing .. do everything happily and make sure that it  makes you happy …then life will be an eternal bliss of celebrating occasions daily !!


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