Recipe – easiest made murabba or mango chhunda.

With mangoes everywhere around we tend to make innovative dishes with it .. Some are spicy ..Some are sweet and some are sauces and chutneys.
Now this one is a sweet dish especially so purely indian typo salad ..stored for months and eaten at breakfast or evrn evening meals with chapaties or just raw.
Pretty easy and tasty too ..I think you would have never come across such an easy way to prepare this murabba .
Take a look
You will need ..
Halg kg Semi riped mangoes ..a little on the raw side a little on the riped side .. these are mostly larger in size looks like these .


Sugar half kg sugar .
Dry fruitz ( optional )
A pinch of yellow food colour .
Method ..
Grate the mango after peeling it .


Wah and drain the exess water as it may cause it to get pungent .
Add the sugar in it and yellow colur and the dry fruits . Add in the sauce pan and let it cook for medium flame .


No need to add water the mangoes will make sure there is much there to cook .
Keep on stirring the mixture ..after 15 mins when the water’s evaporated and it turns as thick mixture .. switch off the flame and store it in an air tight preferably glass jar for months and enjoy !!


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