Biggest And Hottest Turnover in Fashion World

          Heyya ! All you fashionistas , let’s play a game today ! A game of guessing and chosing an option. Which will inturn make you realise where you stand amongst the fashion races ! Either you are a hare or a tortiose in the fashion and upgrading race !
   So , let’s get started .
1 – Do you like a unicorn wearing an elephant’s skin
A cheetah with its smooth and sexy skin showing off its perfect curves ?
You just guess your option and keep it locked in your mind
2- would you like to travel in an overcrowded local train
A personlised your own ferrari ?
3 – would you like to share a room with dozens of other people in it and sharing all your belongings too
Have your own personal bedroom ?
4- would you go for a particular important destination chasing the jumbled mazes
Would like a direct entry to the destination in a jiffy ?
So , are you ready with your answeres? Ok , let you yourself decide whether you are a hare or a tortiose .
      Firstly in the first question , it portrays whether you like guessing games with your measures and clothes and fittings or you like your clothes to be of perfect fit that suits you best .
     In the second question it asks whether you like to shop on a site where all the people bombard together with lot of online trafficking and hence slower shopping experience or a fastest app that’s only for you .
         Third one says that whether you like to shop on sites through browsers like all other slower people do or would you like a personal shopping app in your own device ..just for you .
          And the last one shows whether you like to jump from the crowd of browsers to reach a site or directly click on the icon and start your shopping !
          So , if your answeres lead you in any of the first options .. than you certainly have to pace up and give up being a tortoise . Because  fashion is now taking a huge leap towards perfection with our favourite app .. our very own online shopping app MYNTRA going the app way !
Because they say that shopping is entirely our personal concern . And only for us to get that privileged joy ,  MYNTRA  is making the app more personlised and customised and hence the most efficient way to shop .
     So why compete the tortoises by taking a walk through browsing sites ? rather clilck on your magic wand typo screens and go the app way . Because the fastest are the latest nowadays ! Then why remain like a stagnant old yacht on a much crowded lake when you can swim like a beauty on the oceans of fashion !
        So , let’s smell the aroma of the freshly brewed MYNTRA in the app way and get going ! Because the world’s exited for it to happen


So nowww get the best deals and huge discounts on a first hand basis and enjoy the full previlige of an extreme  shopping spree with MYNTRA ! Because shopping for us personal , entirely personal , #ItsPersonal !!

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