Easy Quick Dessert Recipe – cocochoco roll

          Hey all you dessert lovers .. I have got chocolaty easy and superb recipe to excel your taste buds ! You will surely love this twist of chocolate and coconut in your desserts  and can impress your friends and relatives too with it !
You need – parle G or glucose biscuits – 1 packet
Coco powder – 2 spoons
Coffee powder – 1 teaspoon
Little milk
Butter – 2 spoon
Coconut powder – 2 teaspoon
Powdered sugar 2 – 3 teaspoon .
So , lets start making it now ..
You need to –
1st- in a bowl crush 7-8 parle biscuits , coco powder(2spoon), coffee (dissolve it in little milk), butter (2spoon), then prepare a soft dough of it with some milk or water .
2nd -In another bowl dissolve coconut powder with some 1 cup water , powered surgar (2-3 spoon as u like), butter (2spoon) then mix it.
3rd- spread some butter on the butter paper  , spread the cocoa powder dough mixture on it then add  coconut mixture spread layer  then roll it and keep in deep freezer for 2-3hrs then  cut it to make  yummy rolls !


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