A refreshed tomorrow

            It was a warm July morning ! The atmosphere was gloomy , so were the people of the village . They were all really disappointed with nature and natural forces ! Thier black and white lives seemed so gloomy and miserable that along with the farmers even thier families were thinking about commiting suicide !
              No rains for a whole year and a half now ! The crops were rotten . The land dried , thier stoves unlit and thier stomachs almost flattened with dead hunger and not getting food for over a fortnight now . And on top of all these , the government and panchayat leaders turning a deaf ear to thier cries and wails ! Where can they go now ? How will they
satisfy the basic needs of thier familes ?
          Some weeks back , they even tried contacting a local NGO but , all to no wail . Thier tears seem to have dried just like the wells in village , thier optimism dead just like thier newborn kids ! They were all thinking of just two things , either wait for death to grab hold of them with starvation and thirst or hang themselves to the roof tops and welcome themselves to dead !
              Head bowed , they were all returning to thier respective huts after a local panchayat meet of farmers , still with same negative answeres , when a shower of fresh cleaned water flashed on them drenching them all . Dumb founded , they all stared ahead at the group of sone modernly dressed people when one of them started dancing with swift yet energetic moves and the other giving a sound to his moves !
           Oh , this the famous Allu and anushka ! Said one of the local teenage boys amongst them . A current of fresh happiness spreaded amongst the villagers and even though they were so tensed , they forgot all thier sorrows and thier eyes lit up with such a great performance by the duo that many of them couldn’t help giggling and clapping with the rhythm !
          They were still smiling after the performance and it grew in to hearty laughter when they were told that it was the same NGO whom they approached week back for help and they were starting an irrigation project in thier village .it was for that inauguration ceremony they called upon for Allu arjun and Anushka Manchanda to create thier refreshing magic here !
It was like a topping on a cake for them .These sweet people were just satisfied  by the energentic glossy performance , a good news for help with it certainly left them elated !
           Thier world sparked with bright lights and they viewed huge lanterns of hope with this news and were eagerly waiting for a better tomorrow , a refreshing future !
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