Refreshment of life !!

          Stress and worries are our part of life ! That’s the old saying I have grown old hearing and reading . And how very true is it ! Now , when I look back in my life , I can get hold of innumerable blessings but a lot of worried circumstances parallel to them too. Because , as we grow older we complicate our lives with unnecessary worries that tend to become a mandatory torture as time passes !
          Whatsoever , some days back , I got so tired , I just wanted to quit everything and leave somewhere.


I was in such a hecked up situation that I started behaving like an illiterate goon in front of others . .

             Everything was going wrong , each situation seemed to back up unpleasantly and life seemed to be in tatters ! I think those were my worst behavioural patterns I would ever have got . May be , it was because of  the lava of frustration being blasted that I have built up since decades inside me . I used to stay calm outside and get in to pieces emotionally internly . But now , I couldn’t take more , I just wanted to quit … I wanted to quit living !
           Yes , I was thinking of suicide ! I just couldn’t handle  life more worst than it was already . Planned this in my euphoric mind , I was about to jump at  the seaside where I went for that purpose ,
When I heard a soft music accompanied by a delicate pure sweet voice singing something dedicated to living once again and giving life a chance !
             I don’t know why I retraced my steps , and what charisma that voice had , but I started walking or literally running, searching for its origin . I ran towards the other corner of the beach , there was some hot party going on . I suddenly remembered how I used to hate them . But still , I went ahead bonded so very magnetically to that sweet source of voice . And here is what I saw 


     Yes .,You are right ! She was the hot and stylish Anushka manchanda singing beautifully creating magic around with her voice and beside her was all  the famous Allu Arjun looking all so cool as always and moving around swiftly challenging the winds around  aro


        I stood there hearing them intently and soon astonishingly I realised , I was actually tapping my feet at the amazing charged tune ! The stress I felt an hour ago didn’t seem to exist . The desperation , the stress , the tension seemed to have flown away with the wind ! And I was quite recharged and refreshed after hearing such a good music and was so much awwed by thier performance that I was actually cheering and whistling for them !
           Woot ! Who would have believed , that a person who was going so willingly in the arms of death an hour ago was dancing and tapping her feets with the greatest performers of the world !
For me , refreshment of life is a gift from this amazing duo from now on , I will enjoy it to the max !!

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity . Are you ?

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