A journey from smell to smiles !!

             Sunday afternoon ! Brunch time ! Our family have this weird habit of having exotic sea food at sunday brunch . I know , I know ,it sounds really strage but , don’t know how , but since I stepped in this super huge joint family , I have faced the same issue on each sunday afternoon , loads of sea food to clean , prepare and gobble up ! It’s been a tradition in our family to enjoy sunday brunch as sea food punch !

          As you know, these tasty sea creatures have this disgusting smell all around them accompanying them everywhere they go . Which sometimes is a great hectic job to clean and manage . And it simply contaminates everything that gets in touch with it with unbearable smell .

             It was the same usual sunday , but unfortunately , this brunch got really spoilt even before it was prepared . Because the fish that arrived that day was in the most worst mood that day . It smelt really disgusting because somehow , may be on the way , it staled . And it smelled rotten . The fish soon got the shelter of garbage bin .
          But the house , it seemed it have gone through a whirlpool of rotten smell . After an hour full of cleaning , mopping , washing each and every dishes , the smell was still adamant to leave us . Ghoshhhh ! It was a hell of a job to force the smell to leave each nook and corner of my house and its each belonging ! And on top of that , uncle from USA chose the same day to want to meet us . That time Could rightly have been called the biggest crises of my life . Because my family is very particular when it comes to welcoming guests and making them most comfortable at our home .
           I had just one hour to the dot ! Cleaning was done , but smell .. it was the most toughest job to make it vanish . Half and hour before , after emptying out two whole bottles of room fresheners and perfumes  ! My kitchen still stinked with that freaky smell . Finally a charismatic air freshner  did the charisma ! Ambi pure ! It did wonders , magic , jaadu ..whatever you can call it ! Simply incredible !

            It took a very little  time , but the fragrance simply , took over and defeated the stinky fishy smell .Phew , when uncle arrived , my house smelled wonderful , without any trace of stinks and smells . Now , I can finally smile and say bye to all the smells !!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association withAmbi Pur

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