Spread smiles , kill smells !!

            Foodies are foodies ! All they can think of each 24 hours is food ! Rice , gravies , pizzas , breads , desserts , you name it ! They are a matter of life and death to them . And if , that foodie is also a kitchen chef or cooking crazy , then , God forbid the people around that food chef ! They will be soon having thier tummies large and waist broadened !


            Such one food chef is the one who is writing this blog today ! I, not only love food , but I also like experimenting , Oops ! Preparing them ! And trying out each and every available new dish is my passion ! And I have been blessed with a family passionate to eat them all up !
         Likewise I said , I love trying recipes . That day , I was following a new uploaded recipe of exotic cheesy garlic bread on u tube ! And as you know , the first experiment is always so hassle full and untidy . My prepared garlic bread was just as awesome as it should be . I couldn’t help licking my fingers after having them .
         But , my kitchen , I couldn’t help crying aloud for the mess it left there . My husband , so proud of my culinary talent , boasted so much on whatsapp amongst his friends , that they were all set to hit our homes within half an hour to taste the new made delicacy here !
          Hush ! After working like a robot , I managed to clean my house spic and span .But , the kitchen had still the reminiscent of garlic odour ! Garlic bread may be a delicacy to have , but garlic odour , it’s simply unbearable believe me . I litted up an agarbatti ( fragranced sticks used at India ) , used air fresheners those were especially imported from Europe , applied loads of phenyl on the mop and wiped the kitchen tables , dining room and floor , but , to no wail ! It still reigned our home like a devil in odoured disguise !
          Finally , my neighbour seeing me so harassed , gave me this ambi pure air freshener . I just sprayed once in each room and Wholaaa !That disgusting odour vanished ! This was simply great ! I just couldn’t believe it . I went to each room and stayed there for minutes and inhaled to recheck . And yes , it did perform a type of miracle ! The garlic , with all its smelly odour was no where to be smelled in my home anywhere .


       Promising myself to do the first thing I get up next morning was to buy a new pack of ambi pure air freshener, I returned it to my neighbour and at the same time welcomed those eager hungry guests to hobble up the tasty garlic bread !
When the guests entered my house , the first thing they said was , “nice smell” ! I couldn’t help smiling ! Indeed ! It was the best one , and a life saver too . Now , garlic was present only in the tasty breads , no where else !! Thanks to ambi pure , spreading smiles .. killing smells !!
I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur.

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