Recipe – water melon delight .

    Fruits are the best diet one can have ! And that’s why we are adviced to include them in our daily diet . But , inspite of it we tend to lack in fruitamins due to the regular unhealthy meal patterns we follow .
      Now , I thought of a way to include a vital fruit for summers , watermelons,  in one of the course of meal , that us dessert . So , here is an easy and quick recipe of watermelon dessert especially invented by myself and that’s yummy enough to be craved for more .
          You will need ..
1 cup water
1 pack of china grass powder of whole ( you get it at local grocery store )
3 cups water melon juice
A quarter watermelon cut in to cubes .
Half cup condensed milk ( readymade or home made ) stay in loop for my home made condensed milk or milkmaid recipe .
Sugar (little )
Whip cream for decorating .
      Method ..
Soak the china grass in 1 cup water and heat with a little sugar .
Add the water melon juice in the mixture and bring to boil .
Now pour it in a setting dish .
Mix together condensed milk and water melon pieces and add it to the liquid mixture .
Let it stay for half to one hour is freeze .
When it’s set , whip some amount of cream until peaks are formed .



Pour a small amount in a cone shaped plastic or readymade cake decorating cones and design your pudding your way .
    Result … loads of praises and a yummy watermelon taste that’s so rich and healthy too !!


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