Recipe – Dessert -Chocolate almond fingers

         Kids are crazy for chocolates ! So are we ! And when our favourite biscuits are added to them , we get a mixture of sweet indulgence as desserts !
        Today , let me share a recipe which your kids will drool for and you won’t mind munching oodles .
It’s the choco -almond fingers !!
For preparing this you need ..
2 large packs marie biscuits ( rs 10 packs )
2 packs parle G or glucose biscuits 1 quarter part of morde choco slab ( dark)
1 tablespoon honey
100 grams butter
1 cup milk
10 grams almonds
Whip creme for decoration
Method is just too simple ..
Grind biscuits into fine powder.
In a microwave bowl heat choco slab , honey , butter and milk together . If heating in a saucepan use a very low flame and don’t heat for more than a minute or two because chocolate sticks and burns immediately .
Now mix the biscuits with the liquid mixture , add crushed or cut almonds and set it in a greased dish and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
Take ot out ,cut in to finger shapes or large triangular shapes .
Whip the creame pour some in a plastic cone shaped cake decorator or make a plastic cone at home and through it doodle on it and have fun eating the fingers and even licking yours .


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