My Zenfone 2 on each one’s wishlist !!

Smartphones ,a luxury that’s now transormed in to a basic need by time and technology ! Where ever you are , what ever you do , it’s all incomplete without your smartphone . And we all want our smartphones to be as perfect and smart as we are ! We use it like crazy , we work through it efficiently , we connect through it to our near and far known people and we flaunt it like a special prized possession we own !         That’s the reason I chose AUSUS Zenfone 2 as my smartest companion in smartphones ! Launched just a few months back , it’s elegant look stole my attention at the very first glance . The sleek and slim bodied phone always called for my attention and that’s why I grabbed it in no time.             Though , the colour variations offered to me were all too sexy and happening like glacier grey , glamour red ,ceramic white and sheer gold , but I chose the king of colours ,  the Osmium Black !  This light weighed  phone with just 17 grams , has a loadfull of excellent qualities we search for in our smartphones . image              The 5.50 large screen size is enough for perfect view of my daily data in it . Now , I get a full on clear view of the daily U Tube videos I strem through for exercises and recipes ! And with the 2.3 GHz quad core processor , up to 4GB of RAM and the 4G LTE  connections , multitasking is a child’s play in it !               Well , even  my selfie craze got new boundaries because of the 13 megapixcels rear camera and 5 megapixcels front one ! Now , my photography talent gets intensified as  I go on clicking quick and perfectly clear images from this awesome camera and store it in the 32 GB internal storage avaliable in it that can be expandable too when I want more of my talent to be with me for a long time in it .            I can just go on playing my favourite clash of clan game in it and others too downloaded too quickly from Google play store because of the Android 5.0 lollipop version ! And the long lived battery life of 3000 mAh keeps me active on social sites for a longer period of time .            So now , everyone knows why my smartphone is my most favourite prized possession ! I can stream in a lightning speed on various sites and  watch entertaining videos , get my work done faster to get applauded at the office and click a pride pic when I get gratified because of it !          My AUSUS Zenfone 2 has helped me evolved as a perfectly speedy  and more progressive a better person . That’s what makes others jealous of me and drool for it ! Lol , but I am not going to give mine to anyone , you get yours ! Run and grab it  because it’s too famous to get caught in each one’s hands at just 19 , 999 /_ approximately !!

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