Recipe – Cheesecake dessert !

          I am posting a lot of recipes nowadays , as I said it’s Ramadan going on and I tried some of easy cooking for iftars . Today , let’s try a different type of cake for which baking and ovens are not at all needed  . It’s cheesecake ! Yes , a cake made with generous quantity of cheese and cream .
      For making cheesecake you need ..
200 grams cheese spread
400 grams whip cream (it’s always the double amount of cheese )
3 large packets marie or any other plain biscuits
China grass powder 1 teaspoon or one packet of local China grass.
Sugar as you like .
For toppings (optional )
Freezed cherries or fruits or chocolate sauces or biscuits .
       Method is just so simple ..
Crush biscuits into coarse powder
Whip the cream .
Now add half amount of whipped cream to the biscuits and make a layer in your dessert dish after greasing it with little butter . (Better use rubber dishes as it pops up well ) and freeze it for half an hour .
Heat 3/4 glass water , add sugar and china grass powder dissolved or china grass plain and cook for a minute or two .
Now , let it cool to room temperature .
Whip the cheese with remaining cream and  the china grass solution and whip this too for a while .
Now place this layer on your biscuit layer and season it with freezed or fresh fruits or cherries as you like .


     Let it stay in refrigerator for half an hour and then pop it up from the container and place it in a dish to cut accordingly .
         Have it to your heart’s content and enjoyy !!



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  1. Your recepies is soooo yummy I like it .you are toooo good .keep it up.

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