Scootsy , a wonderful delivery app !!

Friendship day ! A reason to celebrate for each of us ! We just love to celebrate this day with great vigor , fun and excitement . And what pleasantly amazing day it will be if we get a real elaborate feast or treat from a new friend for all our friends and us ?
Something so astounding happened this friendship day on 2nd august 2015 with us . Passed was a news through whats-app a link to a new app that delivers your ordered shopped food or gifts on your doorstep with in minutes !
The app was scootsy ! This one was app with lots of well known restaurants , bake shops , gourmet stores , gift stores , you name it
The stores were impressive but made my day was this app or i mean this generous app which offered a huge discount of 700 INR on your any food order !



With just a simple BFF code the coupon was accepted with no minimum amount needed ! I ordered an elegant dinner which included of one main course ,chapaties and Chinese rices from Delhi zaika a famous restaurant situated at south Mumbai   With my husbands app we ordered pastries for yummy delightful feast of creamy , delicious and soft pastries from Gaylord , the pastry shop .
My bell rang within 45 minutes of ordering and we had a fun time relishing those yummy delicacies and thanking scootsy for such a perfect , effecient and fastest delivery with the best offer i have ever came across !


Do download this amazing fastest scootsy app and get your chosen  meal delivered to your doorstep within minutes all hot and tempting to relish with great pleasure !!




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