Charismatic fastest remedy of hair fall !!

Hairfall is a consistent problem haunting almost all ladies in today’s  generation ! Innumerable number of shampoos and oils and other treatments which include medicines to intake or ointments to applying cant help it disappear it totally .           image          I have been facing the same incurable situation since a decade and after trying out various ways to control it finally lost hope and decided to quit to cure it .

Let it get cured on it’s own , as it is what ever i am doing isn’t working .said me . But then my sis came up with this unique yet incredibly easy way to cure this hair fall problem from its root cause . Her mom in law being a very informative lady told her to try out this century long but unknown and secret  remedy of hair fall and thickening of hair . We use this amazing product for our eyes known as kohl or surma! Which is so beneficial for eyes that if you apply it regularly in your eyes at sleeping time , your eyesight can stay perfect for really really long .

image        So , if you want to use it for your perfect hair , you should apply it pinch by pinch on your scalp at least twice a week . If you continue to do so for at least two months , you can really see a charisma happening and your hair fall can stop to its extreme and you will even notice regrowth of new hair on your scalp . image          So , ladies or even gents … its for all . What are you waiting for ? Go , bring these and try out this guaranteed remedy for hair fall and thick beautiful hair !! ( There may be different brands of kohl or surma at your countries but ,in India , khojati surma is quite famous . )

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