Fashion- a palazzo pairing for perfect persona !!


Fashion keeps changing ,style is eternal !

Says a famous quote in our dictionary  of fashion. True to each word no doubt . Our style should be the prominent  one leaving  a mark behind  our footsteps so that our memory is always relieved as the one who’d got style that’s a class apart .
           Fashion revolves in the sands of time and today , yet again after those 80s era , did palazzos came back knocking our doors for a re entry entry in the world of fashion . We fashionistas being very generous and always so curious for new ways to restyle ourselves open armedly welcomed these to our world .But , styling and restyling these in all occasions and in unique yet trendy and impressive  ways is the key .


         Well, let’s just dig some great new ways to utilise or style these palazzo pants with each of our day to day situations .
          These are comfortable  as they are pretty cool to wear and hence can be worn in casual with sleeveless tops to give out a cool yet comfy look that apealls.


           Offices and work are so very an important part of our lives and looking presentable out there is mandate too . So why not style our office looks with the latest trend that may make our boring office wear a classy form ! Top these  palazzos with  a sleeveless or even full sleeved high collar shirt and nice lappy bag or a sling bag and high heels would make you look perfect working lady  .


            Want to have a blast with friends and need some funky look that compliments your palazzos  the best way ? Match those printed ones with tank tops or simple tees and glamour it with some long earing and heels .



       A date ? Want to look special and apealing too ? Well ,just pair those elegant palazzos with a silk contrasting top with top knot and some delicate jewellery  to go with it .


     A formal party is always such a headache . Because you have to spent hours deciding what would be formal and yet not boring enough to make you look dull . But with palazzo you can be saved from this pain by pairing it with a same coloured Shirt typo top and a belt to compliment it with a contrast and a pair of closed fitted shoes with heels can give it a real classy look .


        Traditional functions and events need ethnic wear to be worn with some stylish and rich jewellery  . Well, your palazzos  can work wonders here too ! Just top them with a semi matching  kurties or Kurta , wear a dozen traditional  bangles and little bit of jewellery and a pair of wedges .You may steal the hearts of millions with it .



        So ,here we know all about palazzo pairing in different styles to create a unique and elegant  look each time we wear those . Now raid your wardrobes to get them all out or shop through various online or offline  shops , get creating your distinct styles and play a havoc on everybody’s senses !!


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