Four vital ways of understanding and dealing with neglected kids .

           Kids are the most innocent and transparent beings on earth ! They are alien with the knowledge of duplicating their emotions for everyone or at any specific time . But still , these kids , especially those within the age group of 5 to 15 years can control or hide more than 90% of their feelings from their parents or teachers .


         These kids are mostly those who are suffering from certain type of emotional or physical stress or have a peer pressure  that’s too dominating . We as parents, often get confused or are at a total loss when it comes to guessing out these signs and more often end up with kids those are too lonely or too adamant during their teens .


          Here are a certain signs which may help each of the parent to know when their little children get grown up so much emotionally that they begin to manipulate their emotions and behaviour and which is not at all normal at such a tender age and may lead to mandate counselling sessions in future .
             Most of the children start feeling insecure when their expecting a sibling in their house or immediately after the entry of a new sibling in their life . This reason is the most prominent one in any such kid’s life . Now , you may be thinking how can you guess if the behavioural pattern of the kid has changed ? So , let me tell you it’s not quite that easy because these kids especially after the birth of the new child tend to get quite reserved nature and aquire solace in loneliness .They may be exact normal while talking or behaving but , would usually stare from one parent to another when the new kids makes some new gesture which is a reason of pleasure for his parents . They usually do more than excellent in studies stop sharing their daily tales with parents and even hiding some major incidents of their life sometimes . The one major symptom of this neglecting us bed wetting . This entirely normal kid will start bedwetting at nights at a consistent base mostly because he feels neglected or avoided .


             Such type of kids need grooming up . Let them know and understand slowly from the pronate period itself that there’s someone coming in his life who would be just like him and will share his parents and most importantly love him like no one else does . Let him be a leader and tel him that your younger sibling would be dependent on you .Let him take part in the preparations of the baby and prepare a nice hub for his baby friend coming. After the birth there are 70% chance that the kid would be prepared for the smaller version, but still would be in a chaos if the attention is devided .


So, make sure you spent more than quarter of your time and energy on the elder one and less than a quarter on the younger one .Because the younger is too small to make notice of it and the elder needs it desperately.   
              The second type is the one where kids are prone to notice a lot of aggressive fights and quarrells at home and get scared or silent because of it . Majority in such cases the children adapt either one of the parent’s behaviour .He become very aggressive or simply dumb .The major symptoms shows when these kids face a major decline in their apetite and spent lesser time at home or interacts very less with the family members . Such kids enjoy others children’s company and their house patterns and often start comparing and complaining about it . Their academics may fall rapidly and they tend to make friends with books or ipads as nowadays or even get more than close with their pets . There is 90% chances that as adults such kid’s face an extreme hatred about their families.


          Dealing with such kids can be done by simply quitting the quarrells or diverting them when their not in front and create a pleasant environment at home . If you are a single parent or moving out of marriage simply talk to them. They are kids but can surely notice and understand the situations better than us if we try to explain them calmly . Try being soft to them when they imitate those aggressive behavioural patterns and it’s better if such kid’s are made busy in some vigorous  physical activities .
                Third ones are those kids who have been suffering some kind of physical or emotional exploitation within or out of the house . These types are very sensitive ones. They are sometimes so submerged in insecurity feelings that they tend to behave like a totally different person of what they actually are. They tend to either become  too quite or dull  or too confident and start bullying everyone else than who is exploiting them . Their academics may either decrease rapidly or increase too rapidly. Depends on what behavioural patterns they have opted for. These kids often would stop abruptly while chatting with you and then behave as if nothing happened. They are mostly seen talking to mirror or their images or unhuman things a lot and mostly retreat to painting as a medium to express their feelings in such a way that no one understands b


ut they have let out themselves.
         These kids are trickiest to understand& as the results of the exploitation are totally& opposite. But , as parents I am sure you will understand what category they may be in .Let them take it out .Speak a lot with them . Be a friend to them .Ask them to take part in family matters and try to boost their confidence in a pleasant way. After these there are 80% chances that the kid will speak out his heart and you will find a way out of it.


           And the. Fourth ones are those kids with a peer pressure that is so dominating either physically or emotionally that they leave your kid in to remaking their personality in a total new way that’s either matching their demands or them in any ways. These kids start lying in their homes very frequently and in such an innocent way that’s difficult to catch . Their friends teach them all .Their academics fall rapidly and they may be major reason of other’s uncomfortable with loads of complaints raining on parents. Studies say 70% of the kids smoke or start drugs due to extensive peer pressure or imitation. They ask for a lot of money at home lying with an impressive fluency and are mostly seen away or careless of the family and home .They tend to become selfish and adamant in a period of time.


         These kids need love and fear at the same time . Love them and show them your love can make them a pleasant person once again . And scare them a little so that they may atleast think twice before doing something unpleasant in future. Try mixing them up more in family matters .Make a list of their interests and serve those at home to him .spend a lot of time with them and let them know they are  precious.
           So , these are  the certain actions and reactions  that may help you build a secure and happy relation with your kid and make way for a happy adult in future. Remember, kids are a soft clay dough gifted to us .Mould them properly before they get moulded with hard outside air and hit us ahead in time .

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