Those not subtle moments with siblings !!

Siblings are so very a part of us ! Our bestie , our worst enemy too and most of all our secret keepers. They share a special bond with us . Those vibes that goes along at the same time in our minds which no one else than our siblings understand.  That’s what makes this relationship the most unique, special and cherished  one.
Being one of the four in family , I have a bundle of these sibling typo experiences . Gone through all those stages .From that fighting rivals to those closest times when we all seemed to be innocent which used to compete the angels .We always had this special rule of ours , which I think each sibling has for one another .


Having much lesser gap in ages we usually had our schools timings matching and hence the whole schedule went together. I still remember those early dawns that used to start with quarrelling with half open lids as to who would use the washroom first .My elder sister being the bullying one , would most often would win that match of course .But sometimes, my brother , also elder to me used to show some bravery and try and cheat her and dash in to the washroom first , of which the poor door had to bear circumstances with all those slaps and foot slaps too.
Moving out of the house and racing to catch the school bus first was a ritual we all followed religiously as if we were going to be gratified with a medal for it .
After this violent sessions for school , we surprisingly used to have our breaking meal together without inviting any other person in our small group. And when a fellow friend used to try to hit one of them , we immediately used to use those three magical words ,

bhaiya save me

Lol! This was just the school,  the time at home would resemble a chaos scene after a huge disaster somewhere.
I often wonder how my parents especially mum used to handle those tough times , which consisted of  more than 70% part of our daily routine .We used to fight for a single sharpener which was  of no longer any use to us to that special tee that my friend gifted me and my rest of the siblings would hide from me . My Bro used to love spoiling my much cared hair and open those plaits that I used to tie with so much pain and care.  In turn I used to literally tear his favourite tee even cutting it with a scissor once .


Got a blast from dad on not doing in exams well ? Well , can’t say dad anything. So ,that’s why God made siblings was our funda. We used shout and blame the other for disturbing in studies which in turn led to that special session of bombs from dad !
Watching horror movies was my elder sibling’s favourite time pass and myself and the younger one were too frightened of it . They intentionally used to make us sit with them so that later on they can play the ghost and scare the breath out of us.


Between these fights and daily doze of tragedic panoramas ,we also had some moments when we couldn’t bear more than five minutes if any of our sibling was hurt or angry or in tears for that matter. The other one would always try and make the atmosphere sound enough for some light mischieves.   Sorry with catching ears and a little bit of ups and downs used to be our favourite mode of punishment and my brother used to cheat with this as well.


Being so busy after such a grand childhood, I often reminisce those nights when pillow fights used to be fierce , but never hurt us in any ways .


When mum used to tuck us in bed and we used to act being asleep and later used to get along peeping out  with our new ways of mischieves


Those times when we used to cross our hearts upon a secret shared by another and till now nobody haven’t a sound of it .


Those special family liners .which when came in public , nobody would recognize but we had a secret smile on lips that showed it was our family key word , a shared memory only between us.


That’s why siblings are so special!  Like suitably said here …


After all those years when I look back I realize,  among st my siblings , we just knew we were growing up and spending times. We never knew we were creating memories to be cherished for years after !
We still our Bonded together, dedicated to our personal lives , we still struggle through our busy schedules and get time for each other . A gift sometimes from IGP or rakhiindiangiftsportal   a party at one’s place . We always find something to get us bonded even now .Because the unique love between the siblings is eternal.
Today , after writing down a summary of fun time spent with my sibings , I just want to express how special they are. And no matter what anyone says , #MySiblingRocks !!

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