Recipe -soft bhature !

Recently done a blog on Indianbreads , I am trying to bring out the recipe of some more exotic breads in a detailed manner for a better personal experience for all foodies who want to taste them at home as well .
So , here is one of the indian breads , bhature recipe. Which is mostly enjoyed with a vegetarian dish of chholebhature in India .While many of the people still have these doubts , but no bhature and puri is not the same . They may look similar but are wide apart from thier origins to thier ingredients and taste and nutritional values too . Bhature do excel in taste and texture as compared to purees while purees are more easy to prepare and can be stored for a day or two longer too .
So ,  let’s start with the preparations of bhature ,
Ingredients :
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup wheat flour
1.5 cup curd
A pinch of baking soda and salt
4 medium sized potatoes boiled and mashed
Coriander leaves finely chopped
5-6 cloves of garlic crushed manually.
Oil and water as required for the dough.
Oil for deep frying


Method :
-Mix both the flours add salt , baking soda , oil , curd , coriander , garlic and a little water to form a little hard dough .preferably use more oil than regular dough preparations.


– after kneading the dough , wrap it in a wet white cloth for an hour .
– open it up . Start making small chapatis by applying a little oil and deep fry .




Your bhature are ready . Pair it with yummy spicy chholebhature and have fun !


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