Recipe – Luscious shahi tukda.

Shahi tukda is a mughlai dessert quite famous in India.  Foodies tend to indulge in it’s rich delight after a light meal . ( as it’s very appetiting ) . Most restaurants in India serve shahi tukda as a mandate dessert after meals .
But , very few know that this shahi tukda is actually a piece of cake when prepared at home .Need almost no pains these tukdas can be made within minutes. Do try out the recipe below.
Ingredients :
Bread slice 4 – 5 ( cut into triangle shapes .size is your choice )
Ghee for frying.
1 cup Condensedmilk
Little chopped dry fruits.
Sugar syrup 2 teaspoon.  ( cook together sugar and water to make a one streamed thick syrup )
Drops of rose water.
Method :
–  shallow fry bread pieces in medium flame till they turn golden brown
– place them on a tray or dish.
– top with the condensedmilk
– top the sugar syrup and rose water and dry fruits .
– freeze or serve hot !!
The tasty delight is ready

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